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★★Desperately need some positive energy sent my way, please help!

Hello everyone, I found this community by searching for "positive healing energy community" on Google because I seem to have an overload of negative energy filling my life and something was tugging at me to reach out on here. I have very little support and every day something bad happens. I understand there's meant to be a balance of good and bad but the amount of darkness and sheer bad luck has began to break me down. I'm just reaching out for anyone's good vibes. Please consider taking a moment for me and my two year old daughter and send us something positive. There's definitely something evil attacking me and I can't do this alone. I'd be more than willing to explain my situation so contact me if interested. This string of events taking place has me afraid to even leave the house considering these past few days and how intensely horrible they've been. For instance - I lost my wallet, while driving I was almost hit by someone not paying attention 3 different times in less than 2 days! My car broke down on the other side of town in the 100 degree heat! My daughter keeps getting hurt (more than usual) and out of nowhere I have these bouts of sadness and hopelessness that make me cry out of nowhere, there's so much more but I won't go on and on. Either way, please have a heart and send us your positive healing energy. I'm trying so hard to be strong and regain that balance. Thanks for your time.

~Krystil & Siryn Baker~


Welcome Krystil_Karoshka6

I've gotta run, though here's a bit of positivity for you:

One of our beautiful members-Daisey posted this and thought you'd appreciate it  as I'm loving a chance to  welcome you to Bmindful... 

first the welcome-So very glad you're here!

Now-Daisey's great positive energy thought & great advice!surround-yourself-positive-people-life-quotes-sayings-pictures.png

 A beautiful Bmindful Nancee -contribution on site:





and here are some I've enjoyed/posted before...Though brand new from me for you also(:

Hopefully other things we are feeling will give you a seed of hope and positivity today:with-each-and-every-heartbeat-love-manifest-harold-w-becker-17155441.png






Self Talk you may like:

I notice each little improvement in my life. ► I acknowledge my progress and celebrate it daily. ► I easily progress from one undertaking to the next. ► I move forward without hesitation. ► I find something to celebrate every day. ► I always make choices that benefit my cause. ►I focus on my dream, and eagerly take the next step to bringing it into reality. ►It feels great to be putting my life in order. ► I can see light at the end of the tunnel now. ►No matter where I am, I am always looking forward. ► I encourage and praise myself even when things don’t turn out as I planned. ► I congratulate myself every day for the great progress I am making. ► I congratulate myself for all the good in my life because I know that I co-created it


With regard to what has occurred or you have imagine/thought about/believe:


 It has been said:



 A lil' video you may like:

I love the feeling of…

It brings me great joy to…

It brings me immense pleasure to…

I find enjoyment in the simplest things in life.

I find joy and happiness in everything I do.

I find joy in simple things, which is why I’m always happy!

I find reasons to laugh everyday.

I follow my bliss at all times.

I love my ‘happy thoughts’ journal and read it often.

I have a sunny disposition.

I have unlimited reasons to be happy with my life.

I joyfully embrace each new day.

I know how to laugh and have fun.


Vision boards are great! I know the energy created with positivity threads assist me powerfully! In essence a thread with pics is a vision board(:


 Enjoyable threads to bring smiles to your heart:

Pics of Animals chillin





Start a thread! Post something /you love!
Bmindful rocks!












I am nurtured and fulfilled, content and blessed, safe and at peace, my entire being is balanced, vital, and healthy. I am filled with gratitude.



6/25/2017 AND SOON ....

to be continued(:





Start a thread! Post something /you love!
Bmindful rocks!




You are fearfully and wonderfully made, cared for and loved beyond comprehension. Rest assured you are safe and All is well.....



Form a deep relationship with Yourself. Self-love is a most vital practice and one that is absolutely essential to health and happiness. Get to know yourself, your dreams, your desires and fears. Pour yourself freely into others by listening, caring, encouraging and supporting them. If you do this, it will come back to you and you will find that you are listened to, cared about, encouraged and loved.

Siryn needs you. You already have in your possession the courage, strength and ability to pull yourself out of any negative funk. My advise is to start with a simple kindness to yourself. Look in the mirror and smile. Then begin to extend that smile to everyone you see. 

All the positive energy you desire is already In you. If you want more, simply give it away and the universe will send you ten fold what you have freely given. 

I openly give to you my heartfelt positive healing energy without expectation by lifting up my arms to the universe collecting more and more positive energy as it descends upon you and your daughter. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

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