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★★- -Talk With Contrast & Its Gifts {... 1}


intro post 1



Talk With Contrast & Its Gifts


You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. Turn them into what you want - today.



Stepping Back








I emotionally celebrate with each opportunity that comes along in life, no matter how small or big.


Beliefs are the lens through which I view the world. If I can identify and dissolve beliefs that hold me back, then my world becomes filled with unlimited possibilities.



I love contrast! Contrast is a gift that keeps on giving by letting me know when I am out of alignment. All I have to do is shift to a better thought. It comes effortlessly! Thank you contrast! 




This is part of Talk With-of A  lil' group of threads which allows an experiential note to an aspect of experience .★- -Talk With Contrast (a vibrational high) /self talk, notes, quotes affirmations & more

 My Note Today: that I have  shared in this intro post  is a Dear Contrast-one and very helpful to me. I will definitely be adding more!(:

Feel free to create 1 of your own. laughing






Dear Contrast,

You-Contrast have been on my mind...in a good way (of course!) I'm honestly believing all truly had beautiful reasons for being. Because of my needing to accomplish a few high priority things before tomorrow  ...much came my way.


My cork wasn't held under the water ... It exploded with joyous insight! I know what I desire...and the struggle just made me realize how much. 

Now I'm back to ease in receiving. Thank you contrast for making it clear...while I love ease, I also love  the CLARITY that has come my way for what I'm desiring.

Dear Contrast, 

Thank you so much for holding a place in my understanding to create greater clarity, gratitude and appreciation in my world and with all I connect with. We have had some inspired action planned for today, and some unexpected things occurred where my get up and go... needed to get more rest first. I could've easily focused on what changed...how my inspiration couldn't have its say in my day...though no, because of you Contrast and my desire to utilize you as a gift...my day will be better than I had originally planned. I'll be back to discuss this with you...Though, for now...just wanted to say thank you.

Your Partner in Creating My Good Life, going w/self-care flow







I stay connected with my Source, by cultivating gratitude and joy. I create, and experience, these emotions on a regular basis throughout the day.

My heart is light. I expect joyfulness in everyone and everything.


I Am connected to a Powerful Sense of Joy


Even as I stretch and strive to be who I can be, I am happy with who I am now!






I Am living a Divine plan



Every contrasting thought iz an opportunity to shift to a better thought. Contrast serves us in pointing out that we are creating what we do not want and are out of alignment with who we are wanting to be.

Be mindful of your thoughts. When you become aware of a thought that doesn't feel good choose a better thought, then another better thought, and keep choosing better thoughts that create emotions that feel good to you. This iz how we know when we are in or out of alignment.

A worse thought creates emotions that don't feel good.

A better thought creates emotions that feel good.

Pay attention to your thoughts and how you are feeling. The choice iz always yours.

There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.

absolutely! Thanks iZ.

I Am living a Divine plan

Dear Contrast,

Wow you've been surfacing with powerful elements and I'm still ok! I'm grateful for you, to show me I am stronger than I think!

much love, sacred care


new day:

Dear Contrast,

I know you're trying to tell me something... I'm thinking its going to be funny.


I Am living a Divine plan

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