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★★Perception: The Illusion Of Reality

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Perception iz the illusion of reality. Perception iz an obscured visible reflection of the invisible reality.

Perception iz not reality. The mind cannot perceive reality but it creates very realistic illusions in forms. Does this mean that reality cannot be seen?

The invisible reality can been known without knowing at first then for a lack of a better word it can be seen. Some will call this inaccurately the "mind's eye" or it's also popularly referred to as the Third Eye. I call it the First Eye because it does not follow the other two eyes which are merely optical nerves of the brain, they don't actually see images. What eyes do iz filter information in the form of reflected light. Images are seen within our brain and are projected through our eyes. The eyes just filter information they don't ever "see" anything. The First Eye reveals the reality that the mind can only confirm but the mind itself never reveals reality to us.

There are at least two known ways to increase your awareness of reality.

One way iz to focus your awareness beginning at 30 minutes a day noticing the expanse between objects (forms) without mentally labeling them. You may find that your mind will not cooperate with this meditation and will still label objects with names. To overcome this you can choose to not believe your thoughts, disregard them as being true at the very least during the time you are silently observing while meditating.

You can also pay attention to your breathing, equally inhaling and exhaling deeply. While doing this you will have shifted your awareness away from your thoughts to your breathing. Some call this the quieting of the monkey mind. The mind will still be thinking thoughts but your awareness of the thoughts are completely off the thoughts and they seem to disappear but they are actually still there, the mind iz always thinking. You have simply shifted your awareness to your breathing.

Personally, I find that disbelieving my thoughts altogether iz very simple for me but this will not be everyone's experience so find what works best for you. What you want to particularly focus upon iz the space between objects, the invisible expanse that all objects are protruding forth from connecting everything seen and unseen as one. Focus on the gaps between objects. The more you do this the more your awareness will increase on the formless invisible reality. Some also refer to this as the "stillness" because it iz the mind that gives everything it's form and the appearance of forms having movement such as the wind blowing through the trees.

Another way iz to focus your awareness on the eternal silence. It's eternal because it's always present but sounds appear to cover it up even though the silence still remains present underneath the sounds. Notice how the sounds will come and go. They increase in volume then they decrease back into the silence. The sounds may seem distracting at first but just pay attention to how sounds come from out of the silence and drift back into the silence. Soon your awareness will increase to where you will be aware of the silence still being present behind all the sounds and noises occurring around you.

Do this everyday, twice if you can. Mornings are great as it will also give you a greater degree of awareness and alertness throughout your day. Do it again within 2 hours before going to sleep for the night.

Start meditating at 30 minute intervals each time you meditate. As your awareness increases you'll find plenty of motivation to increase your meditations to 1 hour each session. Add 5 minutes each week or more if you feel at ease in doing so.

This will also increase your appreciation for the visible forms but will be a great help in avoiding becoming attached to things (forms) and give you a greater balance spiritually.


There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.

wonderful thread iZ! Thank you!

& thank you for your inspiration today!



I would IMAGINE .... this is saying what iz ... iz pretty awesome!






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Start a thread! Post something /you love!
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Start a thread! Post something /you love!
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In response to iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE's post:

The ultimate metaphysical secret, if we dare to state it so simply, is that there are no boundaries in the universe. Boundaries are illusions, products not of reality but of the way we map and edit reality. And while it is fine to map out the territory, it is fatal to confuse the two ~ Ken Wilber

In response to iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE's post:

The world exists only when we think about it: creation stories are for children. In reality the world is created in every moment ~ Jean Klein

The wise man, recognising that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering ~ Gautama Buddha

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