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★★What are some things you love about your life?




  • In response to Daiszy's post:Thank you for sharing what you love about life... wholeHEARTedly agree! Another awesome thread! much appreciation!
  • {lots of pics are unavailable now... though I'm remembering how inspiring it all was... and refreshing you are}


  • wavesofchange.jpg
  • I love when that inspiration begins and I can feel momentum beginning.
  • I love being able to start fresh as often as I like.
  • I love being able to  enjoy continuing on and ride life like a harmonious perfect wave quote-love-124.jpg


Wisdom is knowing we are all One. Love is what it feels like and Compassion is what it acts like. Ethan Walker

I love when I feel good and Happy!!!



I love being who I really am, that's f***king awesome





thank you for this great thread


I love my family

I love our pets

I love my friends

I love trees

I love ladybirds

I love hippies

I love kindness and peace

I love the music Canon

I love helping people and

I love looking after people too

I love fresias,sunflowers and sweet peas

I love living in England

I love books

I love cups of tea

I love memories of my wonderful parents

I love Abba songs

I love art by Rita Loyd

I love doing crafts and making things for charities

I love the gift of every new morning

 I love life

I love the moon 

I love following the Pagan path

I love writing


I love bmindful 

I love to acknowledge what I love

  • I love pacing myself
  • I love large blocks of time
  • I love resting until I feel as refreshed as I love
  • I love eating organic foods.
  • I love eating delicious foods with wonderful benefits
  • I love my hubby and celebrating-everything
  • Oh how I love my favorite beach


  • I love quotes and beautiful images

 I see and expect wonderful things, and that is what I experience."
-Doreen Virtue". 



  • I love my 'old fashioned' micro cassette hand held tape-recorder
  • I love my 'gazillion' books(:
  • I love how I'm always arranging them to fit my current interests
  • and yes I too love Bmindful(:

to be continued...


  • ~

I love living near the beach

I love enjoying the peace of the water and walking on the pier

I love friendly authentic -greetings from strangers ...enjoying the pier...and the surroundings


I love my husband


Wisdom is knowing we are all One. Love is what it feels like and Compassion is what it acts like. Ethan Walker

I love seeing beauty everywhere





I love that I can feel all of my feelings.

I love the gratitude I have for acknowledging the power of feeling my feelings.

I love that co-creating from my heart place is powerful

I love that manifesting is becoming joyfully easy

I love how  experiencing the way all plays out with perfect harmony.

I love how I seem to ride  experiences like a  perfect wave... with fun,  positive expectation and a joyous adventure.

I love how my faith has increased by seeing feeling everything and everyone is right where they are supposed to be... receiving perfect bountiful gifts. 

I love knowing this perfect feeling is love ...that is always present though continues to grow in beautiful ways.

I love being in the presence of others feeling this frequency too.

I love knowing this frequency is always present in us all, and the more we allow the more it colors experiences in ways that are wonderfully indescribable.




Wisdom is knowing we are all One. Love is what it feels like and Compassion is what it acts like. Ethan Walker

I love living in a conscious state of love, appreciation and acceptance flowing effortlessly.

I love feeling gratitude for all things, for the air that I breathe, the sounds of life every aspect  I am Blessed  to experience.

I love being of service to all a conduit of Blessings whether it is a smile or encouraging word every action causes an action a ripple of kindness throughout the Universe.

I love being alive, sharing, caring, nurturing, thriving living every magnificent moment.



I love how I can appreciate what exists, and more joy shows up.

I love the people I choose to spend my time with ... and the ones that show up 'accidentally'

I love how pleasant I can make my life-by allowing it to be so pleasant.

I love taking care of me... so its so much easier to love others.

I love writing in this thread-during this moment of my life.

I love feeling the awe of another day

I love standing back and looking at life as though myself and all I see is radiantly new

I love looking at people, places and things this way

I love entering in the worlds of others with a smile, a kind thought 

I love entering my own world with a smile, and a kind thought

Life is really good when  loving with fresh eyes.


I love my life ... because when I allow-there is so much to honor, love and appreciate

I love celebrating life, joy and abundance everyday



real honest to goodness love!

That is what I love about life(:

Choice & Allowing

I love to choose what feels right for me 

and allow it to be so-in mind, body, and spirit

I love to show up in my life in a loving way... caring for myself and those I love.

I love to carry that love in the world with me.

I love how it goes beyond comfort... It is authentically my soul.

love selfcare (aka AWP)

Interpreting the messages of your soul requires you to learn a new language.

I love how claiming my joy creates what my soul is expressing.

I love feeling beautiful


I love knowing that my wellbeing is a given


I love focusing upon the joy

I love focusing upon my dreams

I love focusing upon my success

I love focusing upon the fun


I love waking up to a brand new day.

I love feeling the newness of that day

I love knowing when I 'go to my heart place' listen to my soul... I Am OK, I AM Love

I love knowing we are all in this together-we are love

I love enjoying that I can choose my own perspective

I love feeling so joyous from experience - from Being

I love flow

I love all that surfaces in the flow

I love contrast

I love that contrast is my team partner 

With contrast-I am led to the best energy ever

I love listening to contrast... 

After listening and 'working with it' 

We are friends for life.





I love choosing better feelings 


I love co-creating my life daily!

Love comes to me in endless ways. I love that.


I love  'positivity' at my disposal as a  tool box

  to enhance joy in everyday living.

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