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★THE SECRET- What's Yours?

THE SECRET-Versus “Your Secret”

So many have hopped on THE SECRET bandwagon… What does THE SECRET mean to you?

In your opinion, which parts (that you know or semi-familiar with) of these concepts, do you follow-> and what concepts are not stressed enough in this big SECRET- whirlwind (your personal missing-link in THE SECRET philosophy) ?

What is “your secret” for making your life the best it can be?

What parts of “your secret” would you like to improve upon? And…when will you begin, if you haven’t already?

Looking forward to your responses(:
If this is not clear enough for you..ask away..

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Great question…after reading the book when it first came out, I recently watched the DVD for the first time. To me, it means that whatever I am thinking, the Universe will deliver. Good or bad thoughts lead to feelings, which shape our reality. To add to that, I remember hearing that the Universe doesn’t have a sense of humour…so, if you tell it bad things about yourself, it will won’t stop to ask questions before confirming your thoughts.

I am following the ‘ask for what you want’ thing. I do not, for whatever reason, think of the Universe as a big catalogue. To me, it sounds. I am working on the ‘believing it’ concept with the big desires I want (eg. a car). However, I am working on it. I have started by creating a visualization board and make a point to stare at it. It has worked for smaller dreams so far and it is very exciting!

I feel that the steps to achieving everything you ever wanted weren’t stressed enough. I found the history interesting but would have preferred more hands-on, explantory things. I take what I like from the concept and toss the rest. Works for me :).

…What makes you different, makes you beautiful…

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