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Affirmation Profile: Positive Affirmation #1534

“I am circulating the divine through my self and the universe with each breath”

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I have read that photons breathed out by spiritual/relirious figures such as Jesus Christ, Buddah, or Gandhi are floating around in the air and we ourselves breathe them in! In turn photons which we ourselves have breathed out are floating around out there being breathed in by everyone else. There are so many of them that they will still be being breathed in by people thousands of years from now also. We are literally sharing parts of our selves which is carried on these bundles of energy throughout the universe. With each breath I take I am literally giving to and receiving from everything else that has breath which has ever lived! How wonderful! As I choose powerful positive thoughts, words, images and affirmations what I share with the universe is even more wonderful; healing, blessing, restoring, regenerating, empowering!

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