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It’s funny… A few years ago, my life was in utter shambles; a complete mess. I was a mess. Yet, even through the devastating events that were about to change my life forever, I held out hope all would be okay.

Through an internal nudging, I began to realize I was seeing the world in nothing but negatives and I felt compelled to change my perceptions …and, that is what began my journey into the fulfilling life I am enjoying, today, everyday.

My first step was to change my perception, then I began looking into Chakra clearing and cleansing. Eventually, my research and inquiries led me to affirmations, sleep reprogramming techniques, self hypnosis and so on.

Initially, I did not see how reciting some affirmations (that went against everything I was seeing, experiencing and struggling against) was going to make a difference. The affirmations I was reciting just did not seem possible or even plausible… But, I kept saying them and using these other techniques to help ground these new beliefs into my psyche and eventually, I came to believe what I was saying over and over again and the life as I knew it just blew up and began disintegrating before my very eyes…

My life and circumstances all began to blend with so many positive aspects and positive changes that positive expectations are now the norm for me.

And, I am so very grateful!

If anyone finds it hard to believe in themselves, to believe that change is imminent when utilizing affirmations, etc; remember this, what ever bad and uncomfortable life you’ve experienced in the past, those negative beliefs took time to ingrain themselves into your psyche and so will positive affirmations take time… but, it takes commitment and repetition, daily and over and over again ..but, it does work…

Just try to find it in yourself to let go of the need to control outcomes and to resolute within yourself a willingness to let go of all limiting beliefs…

It’s amazing how much freedom I feel now that I have utilized and incorporated the same suggestions into my own life.

We all deserve to experience a positive and healthy life filled with more abundance than we could ever imagine …It’s true!

I am so glad that the internet is filled with so much wondrous things to research and for sites like this one or else, I’d still be in the past experiencing those painful things. Thank you!

Many blessings to all… Safe Journey!

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