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★Leveraging Affirmations with Affirmonyms

How many of you have read Phil’s ebook Leveraging Affirmations with Affirmonyms?

Phil spent over 20 years as a Marine before reentering the civilian workplace.

Over the years he’s studied altered states (Alpha, Beta, Theta) positive thinking, and is very well versed in positive affirmations.

During his studies, Phil discovered a powerful new way of using affirmations, he’s called them “Affirmonyms” and has released this ebook which details not only the creation and use of affirmonyms but also the reasons why they are so effective.

Leveraging Affirmations with Affirmonyms also goes beyond Affirmonyms and includes some amazing tips and advanced techniques for getting the most out of your affirmations.

Phil was nice enough to allow me to give the book away to all lifetime members of bmindful. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so as soon as you can.

If you’re lucky enough to have read it already, please share your thoughts here. I know Phil is keen to get some feedback.

I haven’t told him about this thread yet, and can’t wait to invite him along after you’ve all left him your experiences and success stories!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Hello Lee, thanks for the push. Looks like some readers are shy and perhaps not posting out of politeness. LOL.

Hopefully some have gotten some good use out of the information.

Just read through your book Phill. I love the acronym for TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More, because if you think about thats the whole point of working as a team. I havent done anything practical yet but will do!

enjoy life!

In response to Phil’s post:
Yes, it was wonderful! I’m going to go through it again.

My definition of greatness is to be greater than your environment, to be greater than your body, and to be greater than time. And if you do, you will be great. I mean, that’s it!” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

I just cant believe ALL there is to offer here!!!!
i didnt even realize the downloaded suff , i was happy and it is and will contimue to help me !!!! actually he;pme and excite me at the sametime :)

Thank u ((((PhiL))))
U obviously put a lot of caring time and effort into this. I am so grateful
this is a gift for me :) For(((((( LeE ))))))as welll and all of his ((((((assistance)))))) !!

i absolutely “love” everything about this site/group this project i am getting the hang of it.

lolah to ((((((((((((all))))))))))) JaN

support group / 4 any mental health,sharing coping strategies &learning through each others experiences :):) Family&Friends also Welcome :) :) LOLAH

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