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★Enjoying Life!

Hello everyone and blessings to all!

For the past several months I am doing the things I always wanted to do. Now I want to move on to something else and see what fun I can find out of it.

What do you do for fun and enjoyment in your life? Anyone have any fun ideas?

Reading, eating well, exercise, spending time with my family, but not necessarily in that order. (Actually, the order may change day to day.)

Using ROKU hooked up to my TV, we love to watch old British sitcoms.

Each Day Is A New Gift From God!

Great topic Godscreation(: Actually ..one of my all time favorites!!!!! Speaking about enjoyment is enjoyable to me (smiles). Equated with enjoyment for me are: Being true to myself and doing things in balanced pieces. When I try to force ‘too much’ in my life, life is no longer enjoyable. Like others, I have meaningful personal values. Honoring those values brings harmony to my life./For me, what feels bigger and more meaningful than usual these days is the planning, dreaming….and living out loud with my spouse. Great to stay current with loved ones..especially by the water(: [Accidental Note shared this quote:“Whatever your problem, it is but a test of love. If you meet that test through love, your problem will be solved” ~ Catherine Ponder/ So true! Love is the answer and is an inside job, you can take it anywhere and give it away, and you only seem to have more of it.

(: In response to ThisIsBruce’s post: Ditto to most of your responses(: Haven’t yet turned on the British sit coms much though(: Maybe I will, per your suggestion. Like Bruce and some others here, I love my lil’ family unit &…I’m also very involved with health…ENJOY much! I enjoy studying (and partaking in) functional nutrition (foodie), & exercise. I also enjoy decorating/organizing/creative-simplification in my home. And again… (like many of us) enjoy energizing/&relaxation renewal-type exercises.In response to Anuradha’s post: ditto to your wonderfully stated response.(:

Emotions, Sensations ,
& Feelings

In response to Godscreation’s post:
I love your example of children really enjoying life they and they often do not have to do anything special, just being alive is good enough for them…When I’m at work….carefully/lovingly troubleshooting an issue with an individual …my mind is focused on this and that…and all of a sudden my eyes look up, and there is a child….I heart-smile into their eyes, and they right back into mine…as though we have a language of our own. It is such a perfect experience. And that same heart-smile is meant for all ages…and often…very often adults speak that same language(:
And of course some children are conditioned and more evolved than others lol.
As adults, it seems, we have a bit of a forgetter(: We forget and often have to have a lesson that reminds us how awesome life is…When you have an experience that reminds you life is a gift, recalling that child-like enjoyment gives you that home…and newer gifts keep coming….and you come back(: And if the experience is profound enough…it is often a revival to the the entire mind body connection…you begin to grow through things rather than just go through things. You begin to see more…instead of just look. Joy is everywhere, because you know it exists everywhere.
I believe that is why I am so attracted to this video by Guy Finley

One of my favorite quotes, I originally saw on Accidental’s thread is:
When you come FROM ‘happiness’, you do certain things because you ARE happy — as opposed to the old paradigm in which you did things that you hoped would MAKE you happy. When you come FROM ‘wisdom’, you do certain things because you ARE wise, not because you are trying to get to wisdom. When you come FROM ‘love’, you do certain things because you ARE love, not because you want to have love. Everything changes; everything turns around, when you come FROM ‘being’, rather that seeking to ‘be’… Here is the divine dichotomy. The way to get there’ is to ‘be there’. Just BE where you choose to GET! There’s nothing you have to do. You want to be happy? Be happy. You want to be wise? Be wise. You want to be love? Be love. ~ Neale Donald Walsch

  • And this is all so much easier when you see with all of you ….a truth that life is truly an awesome gift, and each one of us is already a treasure.(:

Emotions, Sensations ,
& Feelings

In response to SelfCare’s post:

I see you were listening to Dr. Martinez he is such a wonderful person!

What types of things do I do for fun and enjoyment? I whip out my pony coloring book and big box of crayons and color my heart out. What? Just because I’m grown up, doesn’t mean I can’t color! ( I dont even have to color in the lines if I dont wanna!!) :P

Love that Godscreation! I always enjoy taking a ride on the swings. I actually had this flash of insight the other day. Why don’t they have playgrounds for adults? Like giant, adult sized slides, swings, ropes those fun sand scoopy things you sit on…. Seriously, I would go!

Thanks Selfcare-I am always striving to keep my creativity and imagination alive; connect to the inner child and remember to do things that make me happy, no matter how silly. It’s funny, when I was a kid I wanted nothing more than to grow up and now that I’m grown up I find myself clinging to the kid in me.

Ronda Bryne in “The Power” said something along the lines of “ Think serious thoughts and you will have a serious life. “
I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have fun!

In response to HeARTist’s post:

An adult play park! That would be a fun idea! I ride on the swing sometimes too when I take my daughter to the park. :)

In response to pink cupcake’s post:
In response to HeARTist’s post:

HeARTist we must have telepathy because that is what I was exactly thinking about when I went to the park. As an adult I have forgotten so many fun things I use to do. You are sooo right when you said as a kid you wanted to grow up. Now I want to have the wondrous feelings I had as a kid. When awakening in the morning I use to smell my mama’s coffee brewing I just knew there would be some kind of coffee cake in the kitchen!

pink cupcake I just love your name it makes me start to think what kind of frosting you have on it YUM!


Once you get to know Twain, you’ll never be the same.

I watch fun videos, lol


Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

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