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★How much repetition is necessary?

Hi everyone,

I’ve mixed confidence affirmations with binaural beats that promote “behaviour change.” I feel it’s most important to work on a core issue like confidence first, before anything else.

But I wanted to ask how much repetition is necessary beacuse I’ve been getting mixed answers from various sources. Some say every morning and night is fine, while others say you need to do it 40 times per day.

Any advice?

Hi Harry
How are you’ Urban yogi here”
I hardly use affirmations anymore but you will find that having just one short one that really resonates with you will be the one to use”
It took me a while to find my special phrase as I call it and i dont use it every day”
I recommend to go subliminal and let your subconcious mind do the work”
Its very difficult to reprogram the subconcious,especially after years of habits that you now realise you want to change, Believe me I know”

Binaural beats on the other hand will definitely reinforce behaviour change”
There are binaural beats made with subliminal affirmations that you can try out as well”
Another option is to use Solfeggio frequencies.They are not binaural,they are musical sound frequencies or energies that will create behaviour change within a very short time”

Here is link to a site where you can download them”


Also have you tried Isochronic tones’
Some say are more powerful than binaurals

you can get them for free here:

Let me know how you go”

Urban Yogi

Rama Dass
Teacher of Power Meditation

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