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★Any further advice?

So its been a couple of weeks now that I have been committed to affirmations, and my main goal is to get into better shape by exercising as previously mentioned in my other thread.

I’ve been saying these affirmations 50 times per day; I keep count by removing a penny from a box every time I say the sequence:
“I love exercising”
“I love working out”
“I am committed to my exercise plan”
“My body is in GREAT shape”

Also, I made these affirmations in a “text-to-speech” program and put them on my iPod so I listen to them at night while I sleep, on my headphones. However, the headphones easily come off during the night, and I also don’t want to damage my ears with headphones on for like 6-8 hours throughout the night! So I’m planning to stop the nightime routine.

So the point of this thread was: Do you have any further advice to enhance this routine and make my “transformation” more effective? Am I saying the affirmations enough?

Hey, Harry.
I know what you mean about the headphones, that’s why I just let it play on the cd player at a low level. Fifty times a day sounds pretty good to me. Do you find that often throughout the day the affirmations cross your mind from out of the blue? One thing you might want to add is to have a conversation with yourself in the mirror in the mornings. It may sound silly, but talking to yourself in the mirror in a very real way can help.

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Actually, every single time I say the affirmation, I actually am in my room looking into the mirror! So basically, 50 times a day I am saying the sequence to myself in the mirror and looking into my own eyes.

I don’t do all 50 at once though. I repeat it ten at a time randomly throughout the day 5 times, for a total of 50 affirmations.

What comes to mind is: Are you emotionally involved & invested each time you repeat or is it robotic?
I also think it helps to be more specific & descriptive. What type of exercise is it? Walking, weights or what and what is the result of these movements? Heart health, blood pressure improvement, 6 pack abs, improved physical appearance and stamina? You can still keep it brief but possibly make it more meaningful so that your affirmations really resonate within you when repeated. I’m positive Jan;)

Hey Jancydat,
So do you think I should be more specific like:

instead of “I love exercising” I should say:
“I love running on my treadmill.”

And instead of “I love working out” I should say:
“I love lifting weights.”


Or my original affirmations are good enough and I should just stay persistent?

Yes, I feel stronger everytime I run on my treadmill.
I enjoy the burn I feel when I have been lifting weights.
I feel great knowing this is increasing my stamina.
And yes, persistence is important in that it will further insure that you are developing habits. And yes, your original affirmations are good enough if you are really “feeling it” when you say them.
These are just my opinions based on what I do, feel and believe.
The benefits of using affirmations can be transformative. –
Great expectations, Jan

When I say my affirmations (the original ones), I say them with emotion and passion, 50 times a day while looking in the mirror every single time. I’m happy that I’ve stayed persistent and haven’t given up because I read that it takes at least 40 days for habits to start changing.

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