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★★Liking All The Stages of Your Path (Affirmations for All !2 Stages)

Hey guys, 

I heard this yesterday and I wanted to share it:

Preparing ourselves for successful outcomes, means we prepare ourselves for each step along the way. To me, this means having actual affirmations to help us visualize us making it through steps one and two, (and even liking those beginnning steps), and not just trying to “disappear” while the hard work gets done, only to “reappear” (in our affirmations) as the athlete on the podium, accepting the medal for winning your age group in the local marathon. 

I have to confess, I think that many beginners in the world of affirmations and mental programming, rehearse the moments of victory, but do not always take the time to rehearse the part where they clumsily get through those first three days on a new diet. 

Like, YES, it can be kind of fun and delightful to imagine how you feel when you are buying swimsuits, and your whole body is toned, but to GET there, you have to pass by the stage where you are one pound down from where you are now, and are deciding to patiently work through the first week or two of a new eating plan, because everyone’s gotta go through the stages. No one goes from 0 to 60, without passing by the 15 mph mark, right?

Anyway, this is a philosophy of mine, and I wanted to share it. Nobody gets a husband without having a first date, so that stage belongs in our affirmations. Nobody goes on a first date, without picking out something to wear, so maybe that stage belongs in our affirmations as well. Nobody even makes it to the first date, without having a set of qualities that help you screen in, and screen out, possible candidates, so that strategy is fun too.

Anyways, my point is, I am fleshing out my OWN affirmations, so that they are not backloaded with plenty of mental rehearsal for stages I will be experiencing in 2022 (winning my age group in a half-marathon, for example), but with total swiss cheese to get me through what I’ll actually experience in 2019 (run-walking my first awkward miles, for example).

:) Blessings! - BrightAngel

In response to BrightAngel's post:

I like what you wrote. It's good and very helpful :)

Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

In response to BrightAngel's post: In response to Mr Brightside's post

I agree - very insightful/inspirational.

thank you !


Yes it’s very good day

to see the all stages

of my tasks

as a play yard of fun.


I even like the decision making because they are all things which will ultimately create my awesome life.


I see my tasks as fun choicest

I see and feel

choosing what I would love to do

& following thru with curiosity and


Emotions, Sensations ,
& Feelings

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