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Hi everyone. My real name is Shirl and I live in Seattle, WA. I am a poet/writer and former web editor looking for employment that will support my art. I know that affirmations do work because they have worked for me. Adding visualization and emotional excitement are the key. See yourself living your dreams. As Mike Dooley says ‘thoughts become things’ so, as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish you, you just might get it!

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Hi Mystic Lady~ I love your name and look forward to coming back and learning more about you. MM

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That is so waaaaay Cool!! You know, my mother had that ability. My sister has that ability. Me? Nothing. I am fascinated by the thought, but I think I’m too “tight”… or maybe scared. But, you know, I’m open to all possibilities.

I’m so glad that you wrote to me!! Keep in touch!!

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Just wanted to say Hi! You sound like a wonderful person. I read what you had to say on meditatingmama’s site. I have always wished that I had the abilities that you have, because that has always facinated me. My mom had a way of always knowing certain things, but maybe that’s because she was my mom. This site has done so much for me and I’m sure it will for you. It’s great to get a daily dose of goodness!!! Have a great week!


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I love your post on re:affirmations for others. I send my best wishes and prayers for your son, and I’m in complete agreement toward the successes of his life dreams.

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Hello again, Yes, I believe we have to always have the belief we are where we need to be, to be able to learn what we need to learn, and to move toward what we can so easily acquire. We have footwork, yes;though we also have heart, mind and prayer/belief work and that is our responsibility also. And the worst that can happen if we are truly doing all we can, is we’ll get the best we can possibly have. It might not be exactly what we asked for; though if we look we may see it was better than we could’ve planned ourselves. Just keep doing/thinking/believing about already having everything you need.

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Hello Mysticlady, I’m loving your affirmations and I enjoy reading your posts on the forums. Hopefully, there will be more of both. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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