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Coming Soon.I teach first grade and I also teach art to students first through 5th grade in a rural town of Nevada. I am feeling like there are not many friends here as everyone is neighborly but not a true friend. What ever you share goes through the whole town and makes it difficult to let private ideas be kept silent to the community. I need help in becoming positive again. I am trying hard to put positive affirmations into my life and repeat them day, night and during the day. Life has been a tough one.

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Hi Smiles, I live in rural Kansas and I understand what you mean. I am glad that you have found bmindful. If you are actively involved in the forums and meeting new people, you will find yourself surrounded by so much positive energy and love. There are so many beautiful minds here at bmindful that are full of good ideas and warm feelings.

I send you peace, blessings, and PATIENCE (that is what you will need most as a teacher of the wee ones!). I look forward to hearing more from you in the future! MM

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Hi Smiles, I am so impressed with most of your affirmations. Thanks Pal!

Wish u happiness, health and love.


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