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I am a person healing from the effects of addiction and codependency. I am making a better life for myself and in turn giving what I have to offer to others.

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Rae is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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These are good. It is good to see that others seek the same well, in the same desert. I see myself sometimes as a weary traveller, having looked in so many places, out of fear and shame, finding only pain. I see others wandering out there too, and I can’t tell which way they are going. My path is now from God, and I follow it with trepidation, but I look across the hot plain and now my eyes are different, new. I see a few other travellers headed the same way!

It is a blessing, Thank you.

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Pure Essence
116 posts

HI Rae! Thankyou for asking me to be your friend! This site is very enriching! I do wish you heaps of good things to come your way!

Kindest regards Dee

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Hello Rae just wanted to say thanks for adding me as a friend :) Also I wish You all the best in your healing

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14 posts

Rae, Thanks, you’ll find loads of friends with supportive words in bMindful. Welcome

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