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I am re-realizing the power of affirmations. I did not recognize how much negative self-talk I had going on in my head until I began diciplining my mind. I now see that I had fallen again into the trap of being mastered by my mind, instead of my mind being mastered by me.

I was first introduced to affirmations from Shakti Gawain’s book, Creative Visualization in 1985. Being around seventeen years old, I did not understand the power of affirmations. At the time it made me think as if I was lying to myself, and actually made me feel more negative.

Some of my biggest breakthroughs happened when I discovered Anthony Robbins, and subsequently NLP. I learned how to frame my experiences in ways that make positive self talk truly powerful to my psyche. In some of his more recent material, Tony refers to affirmative statements as inCANtations.

I stumbled on this site in my search for “incantations” I could use to help get me out of the funk I found that I had drifted back into. I devised my key affirmation that I would be using for the next thirty days about two weeks ago. I like playing around with the words and changing it up here and there, and is a little long….

I feel fantastic memorizing incantations imbuing them with vocalizations and peak physiological states.

…I feel fantastic…I feel funtastic…

It was truly fantastic when I woke up this morning with this spinning around in my head. My affirmation was working while I slept with no conscious effort on my part!

I’ve found that saying affirmations out loud and using powerful movements, really has a profound affect. It’s also so easy for me to let it just be something that I say in my head, and then fades away…. Vocalizing affirmations in conjunction with movement and breath grounds the process and brings the word to life.

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I love the way you think! I really need to change my way of thinking and your way sounds awsome. The best of the best to you!

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Hello, You’re an awesome person! I love your inCANtations. I never knew Tony Robbins meant ICAN in that word; must’ve been a part I skimmed(:

Looking forward to running into you in the forum.

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