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Please don’t see this as an intrusion.
These started me off, and I am conscious now. I thought this might get you started too. Kindest wishes, Nolan

Loving myself completely means I have more love to give others.

I easily remember to relax my body and breathe deeply at time of stress.

All my relationships are loving and harmonious.

I know that as I take care of myself on all levels with positive thoughts and actions, all my relationships are loving and harmonious.

I acknowledge my hurt or anger and I release it safely and easily.

Love is around every corner and joy fill my world.

I release the past and allow the joy to flow into my life.

My future only reflects my past if I allow it to. I now choose to move past old limitations and negativity.

Life is filled with joy and delightful surprises.

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Hi pinklady,you have some great affirmations.Am wishing you a happy ,and wonderful day. Dawn

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