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I am a spiritual leader and intuitive energy healer. I live for the love in people and to spread the light of consciousness.

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Nolan is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Hi nolan,I’m just stopping by to say hello,I like you’re affirmations,if you don’t mind I would like to suggest a couple more for you.I am an open channel receiving the abundant energy of a loving universe,and I am the master of my thoughts,I am the master of my feelings,beliefs,and energies.I am the creator of my future. You sound like a VERY interesting person.I am very interested in energy,and faith healing.My son can do hands on healing,but hasn’t quite figured how to channel it yet so it doesn’t take so much out of him. In fact I am reading a book on shamans,and Tibetan sound healing right now.I’m interested in gem healing,and using plants and the spiritual world in healing.I think there are so many wonders in the world that “modern science” just can’t comprehend,so they just ignoring it.I think we need to embrace all of the worlds wonders,and give thanks for them.The reason I say “modern” is because in my opinion,alot of “modern science” is just so backwards,and behind the times in terms of being open minded. I hope to hear from you sometime,and hear you’re thoughts on things.Have a great day. Dawn

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