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2015 posts

Hello, our new friend!! Welcome to Bmindful,Robert2791!! And congratulations on your Premium membership!

So wonderful to meet you!(: If you ever have any questions/comments at all about utilizing the site, enjoying your beautiful community … (or… would just like to simply visit and say hi)would truly love to hear from you(: Enjoy! ~~~~~~ HAPPY AFFIRMING.

feel free to PM {private message me if you have suggestions or need help on the site}

See you on the forum!(:

blessings,selfcare (aka AWP;moderator) & only the very best in the New Year!!!

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2015 posts

My name is self care; aka Always Wonderful Possibilities-Bmindful’s moderator. Bunique is still the owner(: Robert2791, in regard to the voice quality of the mp3 that was something Bunique has had great aspirations for!!(: Please send me any thoughts or suggestions you have and I will surely pass them on to him and share the hopes and progress of that effort. With your Premium membership-you can PM /personal message me or leave word on my profile page, because I am more available.

Please allow myself and others to share the rewards of utilizing the site as is … its beginnings and possibilities in the interim. I will put a call to him next week, to get you in touch… personally if need be. Thank you and blessings!

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Always Wonderful Possibilities; Thank you. Regarding the mp3 I mentioned, I found the tone and the way it was spoken to be quite the opposite of a positive affirmation. It sounded rather depressing to me. In the world of text to voice there are many more natural sounding voices to be had and I’m sure, more bright sounding voices too. Anyway, there we are, for the price of the membership I expected better. Best wishes, Robert2791

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2015 posts

Thank you for your input,Robert2791(:

I’m preparing for work right now, though please expect further communication via site’s personal messaging next week from me(:

Sounds like the audio part of joining Bmindful was an important part of joining. I have been w/the site as a member since its beginnings in 2005 and never downloaded my many affirmations. I would like to share more about the site with you and see ways I can possibly assist. Bye for now and chat soon. Have a wonderful day!

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