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Location:Los Angeles, California USA
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hi Cuttytsarky!! Ha! Love your name!! :) You have great affirmations…honest, to the point, straight forward. They are wonderful!… Best wishes to you! Just dropped in to say hello and have a great weekend! Love and a hug to you, Imagine / Betty

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Thank You Betty I am glad that you liked my affirmations. I also enjoy reading other peoples affirmations. I”m wishing you peace , joy, love , health , happiness and every good wish. Sincerely Cuttysarky / Aitan from Los Angeles , California

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♡ ˚A RefreshingOceanBreeze
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Hey there Cuttysarky(: WELCOME BACK to Bmindful … your community!! So glad you’re BACK! If you have any questions/comments at all about utilizing the site these days…creating on the forum… (or… would just like to simply visit and say hi)would truly love to hear from you(: Enjoy! ~~~~~~ Happy affirming/posting what love! AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities (aka selfcare)

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