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Hello, I’m happily married with three wonderful, adult children, and 7 Grand-children. After 30 years of working with individuals with Developmental Disabilities, I’m ready to change careers. With the support of my husband, I am entering the world of Real Estate. They tell me, there is a recession and people can’t afford to buy homes. I know, that is the reality for many. However, I have worked with affirmations long enough to know that reality is what we make of it. We create our own reality and my reality is that I am on my way to a fun and successful career as a realtor. I enjoy people, I love to be social and interact with people, and I’m ready to be out there selling homes. I know, that for me, a big part of succeeding in any area of my life, must include powerful affirmations. So, here I am, looking for a little inspiration and support from like minded people.

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Welcome to Bmindful. You sound amazing. I’d be honored to add you as friend…so I did(:

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