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Namaste. I have 39 years experience on Earth and am practicing patience, grace and love with 3 other smaller earthlings and really getting the message that “my thoughts are creating a mess!” i say that tongue in cheek as I truly believe that the cookie does not crumble, it simply is re-rganizing. I am so delghted I found this website. My 2010 commitment is NEW and authentic/sincere clarity and focus! not to sound too cliche but I wnat to be with people that are more spiritually focused — not climate change fanatics or political liberals — people that truly care what they think and are working on that - -not on “not thinking or on only thinking good thoughts” but people that are every day normal and wonder what the heck is going on? then they take the next step. not the next “sigh”. if that makes sense. blessings be and I am one of them (we all are)

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Welcome -great list :)

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Welcome! Like the list.

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namaste. thank you and I sincerely affirm for you what I have listed here. plagiarism allowed and invited!!

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I like your bio, and have added you as a friend(: Welcome(:

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