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★One Year Anniversary on bMindful

There are quite a few of us who joined about the same time last year. Although I haven’t quite reached the one year point, I thought it would be cool for everyone to share their progress since joining. For those who are new, it would give hope. For those who fell off the track, it may encourage to get back on the train. This is a thread for encouragement.

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

I was just thinking the same thing, and writing this!!!!! Hi MAMA!! I am only home for a couple days!!!
Hey, When reading other’s affirmations, which is where I get a lot of good ideas, if read them from the bottom up, this is where we all began our lists. It makes it easier to see where someone was coming from, and has evolved to where they are today.
My list is kinda long, because I like the variations. I printed them out. I keep them in the sun visor of my car. I read them every day. I can glance to just the affirmations I want my eyes to catch, and still have the right affirmations for me today. It helps to use them when I am driving somewhere unknown… with just the GPS to guide me, before I get to someone’s door.
Back at the laptop, I click on some of these affirmations to see if anyone else is using them. I can meet a lot of people and learn from their outlooks. If I read or use any of your affirmations, I will add you as a friend. I have added a ton of friends! Howdy!
I have created affirmations over and over again.
Under the category, for instance, “repetition” I just realized, that over time, I have already created several affirmations already! I’m the only one who has used that category yet. Just a few affirmations are enough for one day of affirmations in themselves. I now can see these are my “sub” affirmation lists.
Check out the category “Repetition”. It is now my short version of my list.
It’s working for me. I love this website. Thank you Bmindful!
At first I was just acting “as if” with the affirmations. I was just beginning a new business, and hoping and planning, to have it come true. Now, using these affirmations, along with my “Cooliris” collection of visualizations, (my goals and spiritual beliefs in visual form}
These things are uncannily coming true! Like serendipity!!! My latest large goalis… I am STARING a few minutes at a time, at pictures of a new car “ a hybrid” I have picked out. I need a new car, it may as well be the one I really want. I am planning to get it. I have no idea how yet.
Now, I am a successful Senior Healthcare Consultant, who visits seniors every day at their homes. My work is proven A+ . I’m gone a lot, out there in the beautiful isolated country places with people, or driving through the countryside, through little towns, in Texas, and Oklahoma, to get to their homes, sometimes way out on dirt roads and lanes. I practically live in my car on the backroads of life! It’s like my dream come true because I live right in the cultural district near the downtown of a city. Really cool!!!
I am seeing people retired, who live in very cool beautiful places, who are very old sometimes, and it is a miracle—- they are even still alive. I adore them. I go way out of my way to see them!!!
Seniors are our priceless National Treasure and our Heritage.
Through our Medicare Program, nobody thought it would work this well!!! We have sustained a whole new generation of beings. A fifth generation. The fastest growing population in the U.S> is people turning up over 80!!!!!!!And they are good for another 10 or fifteen years!!! Thanks to the new medicines procedures equipments and specialists!!!!
Most, have many great grandchildren, and are still with us, and doing well!!!
I can see we are all learning!! I am learning so much about life right now.
Thank YOU

Aftab is online, another old “Friend”! Hey Aftab!!!
Your friend from the start, Sygyzy. I love your affirmations theses days!

In response to syzygy’s post:

What an awesome job!! I am so happy it came to fruition!!! I have a deep love and respect for the elderly… starting with my Dad – who is rapidly approaching 90… He still lives in a rural area on a dirt road. If he didn’t have us 7 kids, I’d want him to have someone just like you out there for him!!!

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

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