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Affirmations (in process)

    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ There is love in every corner of my world and life lovingly responds
    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Wow! It is so much easier than it has ever been!
    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ It is a refreshing peace to connect with my inner spirit, and I do this at will with a growing ease…

related threads in process

start day with beauty ease-music
talk-with-plans expand comfort zone


will be updating thread soon-feel free to contribute related material anytime(:

Dear Ease, Good morning to you! I have decided you are who I want to hang out with everyday. I feel like including you is always part of my plan… though as I grow and life keeps presenting itself… I can tell I need to bring you even more to the forefront in my everything. I believe everything from being love, to doing a days work … taking care of personal needs, to connecting to the public in areas of service… when you are experienced all else glows with simplicity and possibilities. I love having you in my life, and I commit to a long beautiful healthy glorious life with you. We are an awesome combination. Thanks for being so evident in everything.
much love from your life loving friend, selfcare

feel free to create you own letter to Ease.

The purpose of this series is to create… and feel… that we are more than all of our states of being, and experiences. Though it is always up to us the priority we give things outside of ourselves to be part of what we value.spiritual-law-of-giving-for-perfect-health-by-mr-prashant-sawant-16-638.jpg?cb=1460015442




    • thank you Priestess Within for creating this affirmation Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ I stand in open communication, I hear the voice of the Universe with clarity


I know what to do, my spirit creates sticky notes for my minds eye to see.

I Am living a Divine plan

(reflecting on day w/ease)
Dear Ease, I just wanted to tell you how awesome it was having you take up so much of my day.. No matter how things present themselves, You have a way of bringing everything together in ways which benefit so perfectly. I’m so appreciative I’ve made way for you to be such a high priority.
My spirit recognizes you as how it is, when I allow you to be so important. My spirit is delighted when I choose you. I just wanted to tell you thank you, and express how much I adore partnering with the joy having you-ease brings me… the flow that occurs…… I love ya♥(: your partner, going w/self-care flow

I Am living a Divine plan

Dear Ease, 

I've been trying to get a hold of you, though it seems you've been here & I've been the one with a different focus. Silly me, you told me all I have to do is allow, and you'd show up... I feel like I've tried that lately, and I've been creating something else that seemed like it needed attention first.


I'm here to tell you I'm gotten my priorities straight, and I will only continue on even w/complex projects & especially w/complex projects....(ie many steps/questions to ask) ..because you are the best  supportive-team player ever!!!

Yes, its true, I've been feeling like you can't always be here.... like if I get a lil' bug & my desires for the day haven't been tailored to what makes sense for now.... Though that's when I need you the most. 

So I guess this is kind of an apology to both of us, I was majorly mistaken  to think I could desire much without you.

So Ease... if I forget you again, know I Am coming back for you...Trust me there are way too many reminders ....which provide a looming perspective that is not part of my spirit when you're not here... Bottom line, I Am making a commitment to you, its you & me forever & a day(:

signed your partner for always, 




I Am living a Divine plan

Dear Ease, 

I Am so glad we meet again. You were more available than I thought recently, sorry I didn't recognize you in different set of circumstances... I will know you don't always look the same, though your function is always perfect and just right.

As you know, my expectations for myself and those connected with me have increased. It has been said expectations get in the way, though I thank you for showing me... I wasn't being unreasonable I was just ready for more, and believe it is coming my way. I've been making room for you for some time, and when what I was asking for showed up, I didn't recognize it... and didn't know you Ease were accompanying it all. 

Please excuse you me for not noticing you... and I want to say I will be more conscious of the fact that when YOU-Ease ... are around... sometimes I simply need to claim you & have faith you're in there... and all will be revealed as it always does.

your team player... & loving and faithful believer in a Good Life, selfcare

I Am living a Divine plan

Dear Ease,

My life sure has changed since I last wrote to you.

I still see you navigating my life, and I am grateful.

I would like it if we partnered forever and a day.

I enjoy peace in my life, so I allow you Ease , to be present 100% of the time.

I know sometimes I won’t recognize you because I expect you to look and feel a certain way.

I promise to pay close attention to the idea that you will be as you need to be so I can enjoy a life of ease today, and in my future. I also know you are showing me that you-ease have always meant so much to me that I was willing to do so much to keep you in place

That part remains the same, though I am learning more on how to create, allow and recognize you.

I will be patient with me, and ask the same of you.

thank you ease 

I appreciate you!!!

beautiful music.
My why has been beautifully lovingly reaffirmed and now I know how to evolve.

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” ~ Brian Tracy

Dear Ease, 

I eased up on what you are supposed to look like, and now I notice you more.

love your team player, Allowing Fresh Energy

beautiful music.
My why has been beautifully lovingly reaffirmed and now I know how to evolve.

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” ~ Brian Tracy

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