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★Advice for Angelic Reiki treatment

Dear All,

I am not sure if anyone can help me.

I will be for the first time doing an exhibition promoting my angelic reiki.
Does anyone have any tips for me? i.e what to put on table? Do I play music at my table?

Would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Angelic Blessings

Welcome Happyspirit! …just left a comment on your profile page, though wanted to welcome you again to Bmindful community(:

I have a strong feeling you will get some wonderful responses from others. When is your exhibition?

Wisdom is knowing we are all One. Love is what it feels like and Compassion is what it acts like. Ethan Walker

Thank you very much for your welcome.

My exhibition is beginning of November so I have time. Trying to make use of that:)

One idea is to have a few Angel ornaments and a salt lamp on the table.

I’m sure others will give me wonderful ideas aswell :)

Too many affirmations to post here in the topic:

For your in person healing touch.

For your salt crystal lamp.

You can also program quartz crystals with affirmations and give them to your clients.

hi Happyspirit, you must be so excited about doing this. I love reiki and when I read your posting I started thinking what would attract me to a table at an exhibition.

I would put flowers on the table possibly freesias or sunflowers ,candles – lit ones if it is permitted ,music could be good especially with headphones so that all the background noise is shut out and people can just hear the relaxing ,gentle sounds.

Are you selling reiki related items and or reiki treaments ?

you could also have a pretty bowl with slips on paper on which you have written affirmations on and have given reiki to them ,then offer people one to keep

Hi alexburkee,

You have given me some inspiration to get some crystals done energised with certain qualities from the archangels and affirmations for people. I will also energise my lamp for sure.

Thanks a lot for your help. Angelic blessings

Hi flowergirl,

I have wonderful butterflies about doing this. I am not too well known so the world is my oyster:)

You have suggested some lovely decoration ideas and with the headphones a must buy because you are right on blocking out other unwanted noise.
Could take my mp3 so not too heavy.

After the lovely idea off alexburkee I will sell energised crytals for people.

The pretty bowl with affirmations idea is great too.

Thanks a lot for your help. Angelic blessings

I’m feeling that much more excited with the ideas given to me :)

If there are any more flowing would love to hear them. xx

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