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★Daily Affirmations With Lots of Love


I allow good days.
I anticipate awesome days!


This moment has a clean slate & I choose inner wealth

And I’m loving the awesomeness I receive, its filled with my favorites.

 love… with much ease

I love surrendering and trusting; one door seems to close, another one blasts wide open with heartfelt peace bursting with fun, purpose, & great joy.

All my actions are in total agreement with my top life values

I love how I create more ease for my day.

and I’m so appreciative….

I so believe I am unlimited in my capacity for joy, healing and happiness

Today I love how I go easy and enjoy the good that is flowing in my life and feel the joy for others succeeding in what matters to them.

I will see the beauty and presence of a truly loving God in every soul who crosses my path

Joy is my body’s keynote; vitality is its song.


inner peace affirmation-thread
I lovingly hold and embrace my experiences with love and joy

My mind is filled only with loving, healthy, positive and prosperous thoughts which ultimately are converted into my life experiences.
feel free to add your own love

All that matters is how I choose to spend this moment.

I am living the Divine plan which includes wonderful health, wealth, happiness, and perfect self-expression for me now

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