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★Pg 1. Affirmations (inner peace)


We are bombarded by pieces of data, and it becomes common place to forget to simply see what our hearts are revealing …that our minds ... camouflage/ block. We forget our experiences taught some love and not just some less than smooth challenge

…We  are still receiving a teaching.... through the present moment…

when we allow ourselves to be.



And more often than not, when we value the love within …we begin to acquire OURSELVES…with a new dimension of being

...which is instrumental in that life we alone can determine... as the Good Life



feeling blessed & believing we are all blessed(:


feel free to add related AFFIRMATIONS!!!





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      I love how my mind is my sanctuary, and my heart provides such wonderful inspiration for my life

Personal Reflection Exercises… ( link no longer working)


I can live a pressure-free, healthy life
with focus, clarity, direction, and

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      I use my tools of centering, simplicity,
      direction and intention to remain healthy
      and light-hearted.
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      I am able to freely float through my day
      with peace of mind and a joyful heart. I
      feel this serenity because I have fortified
      myself with healthy habits.
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      I strive to achieve simplicity in my life and thus I can
      feel pressure-free.
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affirmationsI Choose Peace and Happiness Written by Carmien Owen ***~KnowTheFlow.ca~***
There is one magnificent and awe-inspiring field of Unconditional Love. My every thought, my entire mind, activates this field of Unconditional Love.

I choose to identify myself with power, love, beauty, peace and happiness. Each realization of my creative potential instills a knowing within me of the Infinite power available to me. I allow myself to dwell upon love and beauty, discerning it through all events and people as a by-product of the expression of God through all. I experience the flow of peace and happiness that results from this state of heart and mind. I identify with, and am receptive to, abundance and success through my creative expression.

note to self ~pic missing/will replace


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      I can get a magnificent benefit from anything that occurs.


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    With a celebration of the magnificence of Spirit as I know It, and a sense of Awe for what this awareness inspires through me, I release these words with a profound and deep gratitude. I know it is done in the Mind of the One. And so it is.


I Love being in my BODY. I accept and delight in its needs.

All barriers to my full expression and enjoyment of my life are now dissolved. I LOVE and appreciate myself!

I am at peace and comfortable in every area of my life. I am strong, gentle, and capable.





 Pinch Me Living Over 400 Affirmations for Inner Peace, Freedom & Success


video peaceful affirmations
Spoken and produced By:Jason Stephenson.
copyright December 2014

Peace of Mind Affirmations: Based on the Law Of Attraction + Nature Sounds of waves
Some of the Affirmations used are the following:
Serenity and peace are all around me
My environment is a garden of peace
Peace envelopes me today
My life continues to be happy
I surround myself with peace
I have a peaceful and calming heart and soul
I am worthy of peace in my life
No matter what happens outside, I remain calm within
I choose thoughts which make me happy and at peace
I feel peaceful and happy
Happiness is an emotion I choose often
The world is a peaceful and loving place to be in
I am at peace and well rested
I create a life based on peace and calm


 related threads coming soon

I Am living a Divine plan

My future is harmoniously happening!

 Peace as a practice restores me to my natural love.

I easily connect with my inner peace whenever I desire

I am totally empowered to create and hold my inner peace.

 I easily connect with my inner peace whenever I desire.


I now feel inner peace and serenity.

I find deep inner peace within myself as I Am

 Thank you for my freedom to make choices and to simply be a free soul in this wonderful world.

I have profound inner peace and serenity
My inner peace remains unaffected by outside circumstances.

My outward appearance reflects my inner peace and happiness

 I am so happy and grateful for the inner peace and joy in my life.

I radiate my deep inner peace and deeply touch those around me.

I am overflowing with inner peace


I am filled with inner peace.


I learn to forgive and release.

I experience inner peace, every second of every minute of every hour of every day.


No one else is responsible for my inner peace, ever.

I now feel inner peace and true serenity


I shine with an inner peace that spreads to those around me.


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I have made room for inner peace. 



I Am living a Divine plan

Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

I choose thoughts

that make me feel completely


Complexity dissipates in my life & becomes the blessing of simplicity.

Four steps to achievement: Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.
William Arthur Ward

Unshakably calm and collected: synonym: cool.
Incapable of being disturbed or disconcerted.
not easily perturbed, upset or excited
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.


Complexity dissipates in my life & becomes the blessing of simplicity.

Four steps to achievement: Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.
William Arthur Ward

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