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★Arousing The Joy of MealPlanning

***~editable…not edible~*** Food Goals

This thread is geared to the joy of mindful meal planning. Personally for many reasons I want to up my food game choices. I want my money to be even better spent. I want to improve preparation of a good food budget. I want to ingest foods which have been proven (in my experience) to be worth my while nutritiously to add to my health, energy and part of my joyful days at home, work or wherever I am. Even when you’ve become satisfied with your choices…it’s a fun and rewarding idea to look at your desires with fresh eyes(:

    • ~ ~ ~ So if you’d like to share your ideas…I’m going to open this thread up for sharing thoughts, feelings information & personal wisdom…Did she say sharing? Yes…sharing…(:
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I was speaking to a female bmindful friend of mine this morning…and we had a wonderfully honest conversation as we always do…. and we began discussing food, our love for it and desire to be our best selves in a happy way of course… in 2016.

My friend & I are both petite women… under 5 ft 4… and not 21 anymore(:

We’ve been indulging joyously during recent festivities…and may continue on for a bit longer(: In order to stay petite and that-wonderfully healthy place…love choosing foods that add to this without using the gym to make up for decisions which could be ‘a bit better’

This thread is dedicated to being even more marvelous

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Some people cringe at the idea of planning anything. Though, I must admit…I almost always enjoy it. Why almost? Of course I would love it if all came together without giving things a second thought… We all know getting results of various things takes a bit of focus…so choosing a time to do incremental planning works for me. I have found beginning small…creates the desire for bigger blocks of time to dedicate to deciding what I want, why I want it…and allowing what it takes to stew, and mix it all up for a creative feast…and become that grand plan(:

    • ~ ~ ~ I enjoy eating foods that are mouth watering, nutritious and keep my energy distributed in rewarding ways. It takes time to find out what works for what you want…Though, what a reward to hear your self talk express sincere satisfaction in your personal choices.
    • ~ ~
      ~short video
      take the mystery out of cutting a mango
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manga salsa -sounds delicious
1 mango, peeled and cut into a small dice (pit removed)
¼ cup sliced fresh cilantro leaves
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons diced red onion
Diced jalapeño pepper, amount to taste (optional)
Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and serve with your favorite Mexican dish!
(I think this would be delicious over salmon…if you’re a fish-eater)

Organizing the Pantry A Pantry’s Not A Place: It’s An Attitude
Set Up A Household Notebook
Menus and Meals -Free Printables

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    • Have Your Cake & Eat It
    Do you have a home management rhythm or is it a struggle for you?
    Which chores are easiest for you to get done? Which are the hardest? What parts of your lifestyle make those chores hard (always on the go, just don’t enjoy them, have to go to a different part of the house, money is stressful, etc.) free printable pdf Copyright © 2011
    Weekly Menu Plan With or Without Days
     Weekly Menu Plan & Shopping List With or
    Without Days
     Freezer Menu
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I love printables:
food diary
meal plan

• blank free grocery list


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Eating Mindfully

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I Am living a Divine plan

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