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★NLP Question

Is NLP dangerous

Can anyone use NLP

If I use NLP in how many day will I see results

Can I use NLP for others

Can abeginner use NLP

I want to use NLP for positive thoughts, knowledge, wisdom, intellegent, genius, memory, beautiful face, fair skin, clear skin, strength, energetic, money, wealth, bussiness, happiness, joyful, confidence, smartness studies, and success

And I want to know if I could use NLP to get rid of negative thoughts, depression, stress, memory problems, problems, struggles, money problems, bussiness problems, fatigue, sadness, angry, stubborn, black magic, curses, bad luck, sleepy eyes, dandruff, laziness, obstacles,

Do you have a local library near you? there are lots of books on nlp that start at the basics and also get quite involved. Joseph O’Conner has many books on this subject

NLP is dangerous just like a car is dangerous. Both are just tools to get you from A to B. A proficient NLP practitioner can do damage if his intent is to be harmful. NLP in itself is not dangerous.

Yes, anyone can use NLP! You probably use some of the concepts already, albeit entirely unconsciously. It does require persistence and a lot of understanding. Neurolinguistics is a huge subject and exactly what ‘model’ or techniques you use depends on exactly what it is you are trying to achieve.

How long until you see results? It depends on what it is you are trying to do, how you are trying to do it, how serious the issue is, and how dedicated you are :)

Yes you can use NLP on others. This is one of the reasons it is so powerful as you can use it to help others in all sorts of ways. You can make them feel more comfortable around you by building rapport, you can help them get over a habit using a ‘swish’ pattern, you can anchor positive states, you can reframe negative states etc etc.

Yes a beginner can use NLP. There are some reasonably simple concepts like the reframe that can be incredibly powerful. For a quick rundown visit the Neuro-linguistic programming wikipedia entry.

As Mel said Joseph O’Conner has written some fantastic step by step exercise books on the subject. Richard Bandler, one of father’s of NLP also has some incredibly interesting books. When it comes to NLP though, my favorite author is Michael Hall.

You need to focus though, learn it systematically from the ground up and then focus on one thing at a time, and try not to think that you can solve everything with one technique or model.

Some of the issues you mention are cause and effect, so make sure you are treating the cause and not the symptom. An example, sleepy eyes, laziness, memory problems and depression all might be due to fatigue. Money problems, stress, depression, fatigue might all be due to business problems.

You really need to get to the root cause or issue and deal with that and you’ll probably find that the rest of these issues are just symptoms. Only you can figure out what this root cause is, without knowing you very well anyone would be guessing at best.

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Hi, i found NLP to be very useful in all aspects of life. The techniques taught in NLP helped me deal with many things. The results are almost instantanious and will remain in place thereafter.

I suggest you search for a trained practitioner or master practitioner to assist you at first until you have the hang of it and then you could practise it at home.

My wish for you is that wonderful and exciting things happen in your life …

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