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I WANT TO MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD HAPPY (or at least as many people as I can) Why? Because I want to be happier myself. And I believe in this quote

"If you want to be happy, make others happy" Dada Vaswani

(just another way of stating the law of attraction or the law of reaping and sowing)


Awesome post, I am savoring every word, just line a fine vintage wine. Thank U for sharing!

We prevent ourselves from experiencing the good feelings we want to experience, by blaming our current circumstances, or lack of some physical thing like money, certain relationships, the body we want, ect. But none of these determine how we feel. The only thing determining how we feel is how we think about things (and the ultimate reason we want anything is, we want to feel better feelings) That is why you can find beautiful and rich people who suffer from depression, and also poor people who are happy. The great equalizer in life is this: Each of us determines how we think about anything, and it's this ability that causes us to experience however we feel. If you're not feeling wonderful, it's not because of what materially you don't have, it's because of how you're thinking about things (whether you're thinking about yourself, circumstances, ect) Does this mean you should compromise and settle for mediocrity or lack? NO. It means if you currently don't have some things you want, you don't have to use that as an excuse or reason or justification to feel anything less than wonderful. If you don't have the money you want, you can envision and imagine and FEEL what it would be like to have plenty of money. And if you do this clearly, you will feel rich, even when you don't yet have the money. If you are over weight and want to be slimmer and fitter, you can imagine how you'd feel if you were already slim and fit, even while you're are over weight and unfit. If you are in less than ideal circumstances, you can imagine and feel what it's like to be in wonderful, idyilic, awesome circumstances, even while you are in less than ideal circumstances. But this raises the question, isn't this just fantasizing? Isn't this pretending? YES. it is. But it's also how we create the physical realities we want. Feel the reality of it, long before it becomes part of your physical reality. And there IS a very good reason for this (see below)

"The universe is responding to how we feel" Esther Hicks


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