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★Meditate, Affirmate...ACTION!

Hello Fellow bmindful-ers,

I meditate daily, often two or three times a day. My affirmations tend to come to me during my meditation.

Then one day I received a comment from a fellow bmindful-er recommending that I add “action” to my list of affirmations.

Well I did.

And wow!! I haven’t been back for a while because my powerful list of meditation-inspired affirmations, topped off with an affirmation for action, has led to a nice period of results driven activity.

I now have over 35 pages on my new website, starting to get some good traffic (about 1000+ per month, not bad for a newbie :-) and I’m fine-tuning and adding new stuff almost daily. And I’m having a blast doing it!!

I want to thank whoever gave me that advice (sorry, I can’t find the thread – I’ve been away a bit…) and pass it on to all of you.

To see my “action” oriented aff, it’s at the top of my list (at least as of this post). Hope you’ll check back and let me know what happens…


Ilana Moss,
Heartcompass Enterprises
The Foundation For A Mind With Heart
LifeNavigation iCourse, Heartcompass Secrets Newsletter
Messages From A Mind With Heart
and http:/www.metaphysics-for-life.com

Congratulations. And thank you for the inspiration.

…what a wonderful world….

wow, meditation really helps.

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