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★Zeitgeist: The Movie ... WOW!!

I had always heard of Zeitgeist the organization, but not until a week ago did I discover this movie, produced by Peter Joseph, was made about it, telling a lot of what the whole movement was about.
I discovered two things: there are a lot of FALSEHOODS spread about his organization (prompted by both he government AND the minds they have successfully kept closed down! ;) )…but after seeing it, I was just going WOW all over the place.
I know…one should never say to anyone “YOU SHOULD” because we all react similarily and react with NOPE! Yer Not Gonna make me!!! :)
Lets just think its for Free Thinkers whose minds have either been awakened, and for those simply wanting historically correct information.

The movie was basically divided into 3 parts, the first dealing with the ‘history’ of religion… That part tempts me to want to duct tape Fundie bible bangers to a chair and force them to watch…:D heh! But, of course, I know that doesn’t work.
The second part was mainly about 9-11… Anyone with two functioning brain cells could see from the beginning that NOTHING about the downing of the towers made logical sense… but it served its ‘purpose’ in promoting more prejudice and ‘honorable justification’ for war in which we kill in the name of god and country. This part also talked about the media and how we are addicted to entertainment or ALL sorts so we don’t have to face anything that is actually going on around us. This includes drugs and alcohol.
The Third Part did an excellent job of explaining how the top banking systems came into completely control of all governments. How it controls the education system so we do NOT produce critical thinkers.

You see, I DO BELIEVE WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY…and that we also create our OWN worlds in which we draw to us what we focus upon….BUT I STILL BELIEVE it is mandatory that we are the Watchers and Observers of what is really going on… That way one can make the most wise choices.
ANYWAY…I know for sure that some of you here would really appreciate the movie (maybe you have seen it already!) :)
Have a great day!

In response to Imagine's post:

Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

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