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★It's ok to say

I remember listening to a lecture by Barbara Marciniak talking about constructing Affirmations or Intentions. The following is based on the ideas she talked about.

We go through different feelings and attitudes when it comes to our various belief systems, and it helps to go with the flow. The one thing that doesn’t change about Affirmations is that they should not be stated in a negative way… One should not say “I don’t want to be sick” because the emphasis is still on sickness while stated in that manner. For various reasons, each one of them is VERY personal to each one of us, and sometimes we just feel that we simply cannot say “I am healthy” when we know good and well that is not what we are feeling.

So, it helps to work with different approaches to get beyond our fears…and find easier, more gentle ways of stating what we want to happen in our lives. So it IS perfectly ok to say: “I WANT to feel healthy” because, even as Abraham would say: this is turning you in the right direction, and sometimes its the best we can do at the time…to simply turn in that direction.

If one starts feeling resistance to an Affirmation, its time to revise it. Some you may be able to state and accept in an “Its DONE” fashion… but if a lot of resistance comes up, it simply will not work the way you want it to… Perhaps one could make an Affirmation such as “It would feel just super GREAT to feel healthy!” There are no Iron Clad Rules about how YOU FEEL YOU should do your Affirmations…they are personal and UP TO YOU! So never, ever feel like you are ‘doing something wrong’ if you simply are not up to saying “I am healthy in every way” … YOU know what works for YOU.

“I Intend” is also very powerful. But, as Barbara pointed out, if you feel resistance, then simply say “I really WANT to …whatever…” and dress it up a bit, put some positivity with it like “Because I KNOW that I will feel so great!”…eventually you can move into statements that sound like its a Done Deal already. In you OWN timing.

You make your OWN rules… never forget that… and there is something inside of you that KNOWS what will really work for you very well! You don’t have to be stuck with your old affirmations that you feel never worked with you. Ditch ‘em…you ARE a creative person… construct some new ones! Have FUN with it.

I came across this little video of Abraham’s today talking about Affirmations!
I think it could be an inspiration to ANYBODY that watches it. Only 7 minutes long…
It also explains why sometimes affirmations just simply do not work… and how we really need to get more creative about our affirmations… maybe even taking the same one and trying ALL kinds of variations. As long as we get that Energy moving! :)
PS: Sorry ya gotta Copy and Paste…not sure how you just make a click on link show up! :)


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Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

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