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★Simultaneous Lives

Some…maybe most….people on this site believe in reincarnation and know we live many lives.
When we think about ‘past lives’ we believe in the concept that all Time is Linear… but most of us who are metaphysically minded know that everything DOES happen at once…everything and all action is Present… but thankfully we perceive time ‘in order’ or it would be more than a bit overwhelming.
Nothing is ‘wrong’ with perceiving or thinking that time is linear… its just a good idea if we always leave the doors to our minds open for expansion.
The entire universe is expanding which means everything is ‘growing’ by leaps and bounds… Its not ‘wrong’ either to not be able to conceive of all time as being ‘present’… but there are times when we get those Flashes of Light and we KNOW inwardly that we have reached out and the understanding of how we can ‘help ourselves’ becomes, even for a moment, perfectly clear…
Here is a quote by Seth:

“Therefore the whole self is not only the sum of the personality as you know it in your time, it is also the sum of what it has been and what it shall be.”

The Early Sessions, Book 4
Session 177, Page 189

“The inner ego is formed about characteristics and abilities that have been dominant in previous personalities, characteristics which the entity has developed through its experience in various lives.”

The Early Sessions, Book 4
Session 153, Page 23

Perhaps this is why we ‘recognize’ people from past lives as having either been friends or related to us.

This is an article (Story) I found on “Fragrant Heart” an absolutely wonderful meditation site.
The story is so valuable, I thought I would share it with you all. It teaches several different lessons, but what you ‘learn’ is up to you and not for me to ‘tell you’ :) I hope you enjoy it.

An old axiom: The Story of the Snake

01 Sep 2010

Once upon a time, a holy man went from village to village visiting the people and giving assistance wherever he could. One day he came to a town and entered the market place. The people were all looking so unhappy. “What is the matter, good people?” the old man asked. “We are so frightened,” they said. “We can barely do our work for fear of the snake. It bites us all the time. We don’t know when it will appear. We are afraid to go to work in our fields, to let our children play in the streets, to even be here in the market place.” The old man wandered on and soon came upon the snake. “I hear you have been biting the people,” he said, “and I would like you to stop. They are frightened of you and don’t get a moment’s rest.” The snake realizing how much the holy man loved it agreed not to bite anyone again.

The old man continued on his journey and a few months later came back to the same village. When he got to the market place he found the people were laughing and shouting. Everyone was so happy. “What has happened?” he asked. The villagers told him that the snake had stopped biting them, that it came out each day from its hiding place but no longer attacked them. The old man wandered about the village and soon came upon the snake lying in the gutter. It was bleeding, and badly cut and bruised. The old man could see that the snake was dying. He gently picked it up and took it into the forest and laid it down out of the hot sun. “What has happened to you?” he asked the snake. The snake on its last few breaths said to the holy man, “ I did what you told me. I stopped biting the people, but they started attacking me. Wherever I went they would throw stones at me and kick me, and thrash me with sticks.”

The holy man held the snake with great love and tenderness and stroking the snake said to it ever so tenderly, “I told you not to bite, but I never told you not to hiss.”

My dear spiritual mentor recently told me this story. It brought tears to my eyes. I felt such compassion for the snake.

When you are confronted, rather than fall back into your old patterns that keep you disempowered can you hiss, but not bite?

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