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★Mirror Image?

Heya everyone :) I was having a think about something my brother told me about a while ago. Let’s say that you’re walking down the street and someone walks past you in the opposite direction except this person appearance-wise is an exact clone of yourself, looks precisely like you do. Apparently, we would not recognize ourselves because our mental perceptions of how we look is quite different that what everyone else sees. What are your thoughts on this? Who do you think you would see or is there a different person you would want to see? I know this thread isn’t an affirmation based topic but we used to have good discussions about this, that and the other on this site, just like to hear other people’s thought. :)

Hi there Harley Duck!
I like this! I believe we are multi dimensional beings and that we, as probable selves —they are part of us, too.
I just want to share this (hopefully its related enough to your topic)
My son passed away about 15 years ago. He was 25 at the time. Several months after his death, my daughter, my two grandchildren and I, were driving, approaching an intersection, when we ALL happened to look at the bus stop across the street. There stood my son…and we ALL saw him (*wonder we didn’t wreck!)… we had to cross the intersection when the light changed. We drove around but by that time he was gone.
Also: my daughter, years ago, boarded a bus line (for the first time on this bus and route) and was greeted by the bus driver and some of the passengers (at least six of them)acting like they KNEW HER!(by NAME!) She was stunned… she just answered politely with Hello’s and “I’m fine”, not knowing what ELSE to say! She was glad when her stop came around…She didn’t take that same bus again! :)

Heya Imagine, good to hear a nice reply. Sorry for the loss of your son, such a young age, I’m only four years younger. Don’t worry, your story is related enough, any thoughts are welcome :) The story involving your daughter, I have heard some people say they can meet somebody for the first time, possibly only for a few minutes and talk to them like they’ve been good friends for a long time. I can’t remember a time that happened to me, probably has though, I always struggle to remember what happened the day before lol! How do you mean by multi dimensional? I’m not trying to sound rude, apologies if it comes of like that but when you say multi dimensional I think of how different experiences of our everyday lives affect how we act (say like somethings on our mind e.g. a new person we’ve met, a new piece of clothing, a new ambition) and this new experience contributes to a small change within us. Sorry if I’ve got the complete wrong end of the stick :)

Oh heavens, I could never have interpreted what you said as rude! Your kindness and REALness shine through.
I don’t see anything wrong with your definition of multi dimensional..I can understand your take on this. To me, it means we are ‘many beings’ in different dimensions, both on earth and other ‘places.’ I am metaphysical in my belief system, so that means I believe we create our own reality. I also accept the theory that time is not really linear although we perceive it as such…if we didn’t we would be in quite a mess! :) Beliefs like that have to be accepted without a lot of over-analysis…altho I think we can ‘understand’ then in a way we can’t explain easily.
Have you ever read any of the Seth books? If not, I think you might really take to one called “Seth Speaks” … Not saying you ‘should’… none of like that word cuz it makes you want to do the opposite! :)
I have a feeling you WILL meet others that you simply KNOW you have known…most likely in other lives. Just trust your feelings and intuition and don’t over-analyze (something I have to look in the mirror and remind myself!)
Have a great day.

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