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★SACRED WORDS poem by Lori K

Sacred Words
by ~Lori K

I promise to love you for the rest of my life
I promise to always hold you when you cry
I swear to always vouch for you, even if you have given up
I swear to reach out and catch you when life becomes a little too rough

A penetrating, phenomenal love is what I have for you
It will always be right here when you are ready to choose
I promise that my promises will not be wasted upon empty words
I swear to be open to a heart that is kind but has been tragically hurt

I promise to give you the only thing I have left
While you find comfort in the sounds of my heart beating; I will not forget
How long it has taken for you to come this far
You have become the promise that was locked deep within your own heart

I promise my promises will not become like liquid that just rolls off my tongue
I swear in these soft words, I will help you fight off life’s brutal wrongs
I will tell you no lies; you can take that to the bank and make a fortune
I promise to never make you love’s martyr again in the face of emotional

I promise, I promise, I promise to remain here for you always
No matter how long that takes, I will show you a life without pain
I will be there when life gives yours pause
No matter what the odds are, I will guide you no matter the cost

No matter the efforts that may seem wasted and lost upon you
Whatever the reasons, whatever the sacrifice, your innocence pure and true
Your heart golden, your inner strengths shine in awe of everything you do
I vow to this image in the mirror but three sacred words

…I promise you!

I choose to believe that everything goes well and my belief becomes manifested as a bountiful harvest of abundant joy and happy events.

One of my favorites(: a beautiful letter to self(:



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