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★˚ Flowing & Creating with love {Goals,Tasks,Processes}

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1ST LINK. HEALTHY MIND PLATTER Seven daily essential mental activities to optimize brain matter and create well-being

  While reading a link on 1 of Nancee53's series-thread(Spiritual Wellness), found another  wonderful  article I loved/needed for me too:

It essentially discusses balance. 

Here is part 

“mental nutrients” that your brain and relationships need to function at their best. By engaging every day in each of these servings, you promote integration in your life and enable your brain to coordinate and balance its activities. These essential mental activities strengthen your brain's internal connections and your connections with other people and the world around you.

We're not suggesting specific amounts of time for this recipe for a healthy mind, as each individual is different, and our needs change over time too. The point is to become aware of the full spectrum of essential mental activities, and as with essential nutrients, make sure that at least every day we are bringing the right ingredients into our mental diet, even if for just a bit of time. Just as you wouldn't eat only pizza every day for days on end, we shouldn't just live on focus time alone with little time for sleep. The key is balancing the day with each of these essential mental activities. Mental wellness is all about reinforcing our connections with others and the world around us; and it is also about strengthening the connections within the brain itself.  When we vary the focus of attention with this spectrum of mental activities, we give the brain lots of opportunities to develop in different ways.

Balance, to me relates to Spiritual Wellness. Sometimes...I can be involved in several activities...feeling great..I'm thinking/feeling... though really needing to step back and just step back (: laughing





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  •  see making change happen in Step 8 pdf … wonderful accountability print out(:
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  •  What’s in the Way of Your Happiness booklet (PDF)
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    So what’s a next-up list? It’s the small actions or goals that are up next on your list of things to do and accomplish. Not a major dream or ambition, but something you can do within the next few days to improve the quality of your life.

    With a pencil in hand and a pad of paper close by, write down your answers to the questions below. When finished, your next-up list will be ready to go!

    Your Identity

What one small thing could you do to change or improve your character or personality? Would you like to be a bit more outgoing? Patient? Accepting? When you have it in mind, what step can you take within the next three to five days to put it into action?

Your Health
What one small thing could you do to change or improve your health? Is there particular food you should do without? An extra day of exercise you could throw in the routine? Perhaps you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a checkup? Write down your next-up health goal along with the action you’ll take.

Your Career
What one small thing could you do to change or improve your career? Is there a project you’d love to get your hands on? Do you need to complete one that is already in the works? Whatever it is, write it down and match it with a specific action you can take within a few days to make it happen.

Your Finances
What one small thing could you do to change or improve your finances? Do you need to balance your checkbook? Schedule a meeting with a financial planner? Create or edit your monthly budget? When you’ve chosen the direction in which you want to head, write down the first step you’ll take to put the plan into action.

Your Relationships
What one small thing could you do to change or improve your relationships? Is there a friend or family member you’ve been meaning to call but haven’t? Someone close to you that needs more of your time and attention? A letter to write that would make someone’s day? Add it to your goals and your next-up list is ready for action!

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