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★Power of positive affirmation

Hello People, Hope you are doing good. I wana share some thing with you guys. I hope it help you .And please tell me if I have gone wrong. I suffer from excessive Pimples due to my ovarian cyst. In 2010, My boyfriend told me about Meditation to cure your body. I started doing it. Like, I recorded in my own voice and used to hear it at night.I did it from Jan 2011 to aug 2011. The result was awesome, But I always thought its because of my Yoga.Then suddenly every thing ruined. My cell stopped working. I stopped hearing my affirmations. Then again my all pimple came back. After Aug 2011, I changed my affirmations finally after suffering for a year, i am back to my old cellphone and old affirmations..

It sounds as though you’ve been using the popular dream programming technique, recently popularised by Jim Francis of Mind Evolution. Jim found it mentioned in the Seth material from Jane Roberts. However, it’s been around for a long time, often known as dream incubation.

Anyway, enough of the theory, how is it going for you right now, and is there any way that we may be able to help you make it better?

Thanks for replying. I have just started using my new re framed affirmation. Lets see how it goes. I have recorded it and I hear twice in a day.One before bedtime and another just when I wake up. Then In a day time, I write it 100 times in a notebook.

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