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★ Changing Bad For Good

I went to Mexico last year on a cruise because a good friend invited me. I had all kinds of fears. Mainly thoughts of falling over the boat. Anyway my friends niece went with us. She instantly hated me because her Aunt invited me on the trip, she felt as though the money for the trip should of gone to her. She is a gang type girl with a very nasty attitude.

We had our words and then I just left her alone. To make a long story short that friend of mine died a couple of weeks ago. Today that niece of hers called me and I hung up on her. It was very upsetting to me then I thought why am I letting all these terrible chemicals of anger infect my body why am I letting this person destroy my peace of mind?

I took myself to eat a fast lunch and spotted a homeless man there and I gave him some money for later. He was so grateful and thankful that he filled my heart with gladness. I could of stewed in that anger all day but I chose not to let it bother me.

This is a great thread btw. It reinforces choice…and putting energy in the best of places…Ahhh choice(: thanks for sharing GC

Truly sorry for the loss of your friend, and it was truly wonderful how in the name of your friend…you let her light shine with the gift you gave to the man in need. much love & peace, selfcare

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Godscreation that is such a lovely way to honour your friend by giving to the homeless man ,you have a loving heart

Well done Godscreation for doing a very kind and selfless act in the world, I bet the homeless man will appreciate your generosity for a long time. That you chose to do a kind act in remembrance of your friend truly shows the goodness inside you :)

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THANK YOU! Laurie, flowergirl and Harley Duck you are all such fine and loving people. May you be happy and blessed always.


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