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★A Hero In A Day

Today I had the great fortune of talking to a comic book illustrator and writer I had met at my university over a year ago, his name’s Tim Perkins. We had a three hour session with him today and he gave us creative activities to get our imaginations brewing and a treasure trove’s worth of business and creative advice. What I loved about about today was when I showed him a collection of my illustrated work, he was incredibly supportive of us all and taught of the major difference between constructive criticism and pure bullying within the creative workforce. Has anyone else here ever met someone in the space of one day who helped give a huge amount of support to their ambitions?

Here is Tim Perkins site for anyone interested. The work he has created for himself is terrific Tim Perkins

In response to Harley Duck’s post:
Harley what great work Tim does and what a good guy to give you such great advice! Listen to him and you will continue on your road to success!

Yes! My best friend. The first day I saw him I was about 15, he was around 18. There was something about his energy that made me say “He’ll be my best friend!”

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