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★Staying Positive With the Focus Wheel˚ & other co-creating tools

 ☼ ►• Most people are beaten before they start. They think they are going to encounter obstacles, and they look for them instead of for means to overcome them. The result is that they increase their obstacles instead of diminishing them. Have you ever undertaken something that you thought would be hard, but afterwards found it to be easy? That is the way a great many times.
The things that look difficult in advance turn out to be easy of conquest when once encountered. So start out on your journey
with the idea that the road is going to be clear for you, and that if it is not you will clear the way. All men that have amounted to
anything have cleared their way and they did not have the assistance that you will have today.from The Power of Concentration
by “Theron Q Dumont”





  • Focus Wheel from taoholistics.com
    Whatever it is you desire, this focus wheel will help you to stay positive and feel better fast, no matter what’s happening in your life right now. The premise (and goal) is to think about the things that you
    want, not what you don’t want. If you think negative thoughts and have negative feelings (sad, irritated, mad, angry, jealous etc.), you will attract more of these things. On the other hand, if you focus on having the things that you want, no matter how unattainable you think they are, you will attract the people, places & circumstances that ‘represent’ these things! It may feel weird at first, but soon you’ll have lots of fun imagining and creating the life you really want!
  • ☼ ►• AudioFocus Wheel Process -
  • You can pie chart any situation in your life. Here’s an assessment tool to help you focus in on where you might want to do some work:


    Please make at least one statement about each of the following areas of your life today. Feel free to use an additional sheet of paper to expand on your comments in areas that are important to you.

    1. General Mood

    2. My Health and Fitness

    3. My Friends

    4. My Job or Career or Life Work

    5. Money

    6. Self Esteem

    7. My Family

    8. My Significant Other

    9. My Creativity

    10. Other area not covered that is important to you

    Whether you have chosen something that just came to you, or something from the assessment listing, now just sit down and free associate. It works well to do it with a friend, so you can say lots of statements that relate to that subject, and your friend can write them down and classify them for you as feels good/feels bad. You will need to help,. because your friend is not the same vibration as you are, and what feels good and bad to you will be different than his/her feelings about your statements. But it may interrupt your flow less than writing and classifying yourself.

    Once you have the pie chart done, and can see the statements on each side, feels good/feels bad, then ask yourself this important question. “Do I want to live out the results of this percentage pie chart?” I find that a very motivating question, because if I’ve taken the trouble to pie chart something, I usually DON’T want to live with that negative vibration.

    Then do a focus wheel on that subject, looking for things that feel good. See the lesson on focus wheels (number 5) if you don’t know how to do that process.
    to read more


  • images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQl8-ySPaiJld1PMVc42rqhx8m2xkw7dJDlVbNjEA9RyMn9D63X

In changing our thoughts and beliefs, there is a 3 to 1 ratio. Meaning if you want to change your beliefs you need to think of 3 positive things every time you have 1 negative thought.
Also, it is known that a thought that you can hold in your mind for 17 seconds will attract another similar thought, so think of what you want and hold that thought for 17 seconds. Try to do this 3 times each time you think of that which you do want.
excerpt from www.positivethinking-toolbox.com


☼ ►• Audio Hold a Thought for 17 seconds

Hold a thought for 17 seconds and it starts the manifesting-LOA


☼ ►• Audio-video 17 sec timer

☼ ►• Audio 68 seconds of pure thought

To use this tool, bring to mind a desire; something you are wanting to manifest in your life experience. Imagine that desire is contained in the indigo circle and just focus on it until it fades.

Every 17 seconds the dot will grow a little larger. This represents the increase in attraction power you are giving your desire by focusing on it for each 17 second increment.


Affirmation Quick Searchaffirmation tags
♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion


Abraham Hicks. In depth on 17 and 68 second segment intending

☼ ►• Audio related Segment Intending- 17 seconds video-here


I created a very similar thread which may replace/or just may revise this
related thread song inside affirmations/focus wheel


Affirmation Quick Searchaffirmation tags
♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion


Affirmation Quick Searchaffirmation tags
♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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