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★Energy Seekers.

Energy Seekers.
I have always been a great believer in Energy. From an early age I realised that energy vibrates around us on all levels. We all know that our thoughts and emotions create an energy that attracts results that match the energy we put out. Our words, thoughts, feelings, and actions all create a physical effect on the energy in our surroundings which acts like a magnet to attract into our life various feelings and circumstances.

For example, how many of us have friends or family, as soon as we are in their company lift our spirits and feed our soul. It seems like whenever we are with that person or persons we are constantly surrounded with a bubbly effervescence vitamin that courses through our veins like a cleansing stream of sunshine.

Then on the other side how many people surround you and you can almost feel them sucking the life energy from you. Emotional Leeches. It’s draining, toxic and can be destructive.

We all have choices and although sometimes hard, I try and keep the positive people around me. I spring clean once in a while and brush the energy thief’s away. I try to be quite strict about whom I mix with and more importantly who and what I give head space to. My time however spent is really important to me.

I also don’t mean to be arrogant, lots of people have problems in life, it’s a fact and it is not my intention to suggest we shouldn’t be there for support. As humans we are natural nurturers and can give so much comfort in times of need. So we should.

Creative Energy with Friends.
My husband and I have some amazing friends, most sharing very similar tastes and interests, others are quite diverse. We are so lucky.
I would like to share something with you.

Recently we started a BUCKET LIST, where each of our group had to name one activity or passion that we would like all our friends to partake in. Each month we do one of the activities on the list. To date we have done three and still working through them, there are twelve.

The first three have been Bike Riding, Drag Racing and Horse Riding. The amazing thing is, firstly we are partaking in an activity that we probably would never have tried and it is pushing us outside that circle, Secondly it creates a beautiful energy that connects your circle of friends and strengthens the bond. The laughter and fun it generates is just a huge bonus.

So think about how you spend your days, where is your head space at this moment? Are you enjoying and making the most of people in your life? It’s up to you to create a good energy that vibrates around you and within you that frees you inside.

Take time out. Walk and blow away the cobwebs where the ocean meets the land, here there is always a surplus amount of energy to drink in and connect with. Use it, and always remember:

“The way in which energy behaves depends on what the observer expects to see.”

Love Life

Wow, that sounds like a creative and amazing way to spend time with people you love.

I’ve been aware of energy since I was a little girl. It seems so real to me that I find it surprising that not everyone has an appreciation of it.

I too am careful of whom I mix with. As I become a little more erm, older, I am more discerning. I’m sensitive! I love being able to sit in silence and smile with my best friends, close my eyes in the sun and all be HAPPY together!


Yes I know what you mean I love those times with friends and family. Silence can say so much. Have a great day.

Love Life

I have also become more discriminating about the people I mix with as I have become older. The quality of people being more important than the quantity. Some people do drain you and it seems to take so much energy to be around them. If possible I steer clear of them, but if not possible I surround myself with energy before I meet with them. Some people on the other hand, seem to radiate energy and it flows back and forth between you and makes it a pleasure to be in their company.
I used to wonder why going to shopping centres made me so tired, then someone pointed out that people were taking my positive energy as they interacted with me in the various shops!!!! So I do the same as before surround myself with energy before I go shopping. It works.

That’s a great way to spend time with friends Sue!

I wish that young people were a little less ‘set in their ways’ (I know it’s normally something said about older people) but there are very few under 30s I know who would be willing to test themselves in such contexts. It’s really hard to connect with people when all they do is party and go to pubs most of the time.

I’ve just got back from a work Christmas party and am feeling pretty drained in terms of positive energy. There was definitely a sucking of energy over dinner and throughout the rest of the night. It truly sucks too! At work we all get along great and have a laugh here and there, but I guess there is a defined context for that interaction. When the interaction becomes more social (for example, in a restaurant or night club setting) it changes dramatically. Another girl wanted to come home when I did but was left waiting for a promised ride from another in the group. So gald I live in the city and buses are plentiful. It made for a swift ending to a pretty average evening. Time for some recuperation with postive people this weekend :)

Sue, I like your bucket list idea. I think I’ll do a little brainstorming with my husband and see what we make happen(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Laurie Good on you :o) could be interesting

Love Life

Sue this is a great discussion.

Recently my soul or energy has been drained. What I started to notice is it doesn’t matter what people I come into contact with, I quickly become their friend. Then later they are not people that are into helping others they are into helping themselves.

I call these people “spiritual vampires” a friend of mine who is into energy and love said, “I don’t make friends I choose them” That never occured to me because religously we were taught to love your neighbor. Hello not all of them are lovable.

In my mind they have the right to be happy and live a good life too. So many many times I look the other way. This has cost me grately. This is not coincedence universal energy inspired Sue. For me it is a great answer to recent problems with certain people I know. Two people I know are into money, power,competition and bragging. They have to be better then everyone else. Then why do I attract these people? It could very well be that I too posess these traits and need to watch myself.

It is not in harmony with what my feelings are. We all come here with gifts and talents are Creator gave us. The differences between all of us makes the world so interesting,

Thank you Sue you are a very very special lady.


Sue you are a special special person!

Thank you so much for this insightful discussion.That beautiful little description “bubbly effervescence vitamin” immediately my wonderful
friend that I love dearly popped into my head and like she always does
just totally brought a smile to my face.One of the things we’ve always had in common is being very discriminating of the people we let into our lives.
I was very affected by your words,this is the first thing I’ve replied to
since I joined the site.

These are the absolute best people I have had the pleasure of dealing with in a very long time.I am so glad I found this site.

You are truly a blessing Sue.

Hugs & Kissess,
Barbie 46

In response to godscreation’s post:
The general belief is that the kind of people we attract in our life indicates the type of person we are. But I do think that this is partially true. Of course most of our close friends are on similar platform as us in their mindsets but we do have acquintances whom we meet often but who are different. Maybe we are with them because together we fit in the jigsaw, or we in a way like them for what they are and we are not, or its just that we are together for karmic reasons.
In my life I have known a lady who lives a life totally opposite to my ideals. Initially (15 yrs ago) we became very good friends and I appreciated her for so many things she had in her. But later we drifted apart because we both looked at life from different angles.But to share with you all I still admire her, not for her ways of life, but for the fact that she had the courage to follow her heart and find happiness in it.She is very successful in her profession, very religious about her fitness regimine and has a great relationship with her kids. Well we may have been leading our lives differently but her courage and sincereity in certain aspects attracts me to her.
Even in our differences we can learn to like each other. That is why we sometimes attract people of very different kind in our lives.
Its not important to hold hands with everyone we meet but its OK to allow their perfumes to linger in our senses just a little while longer.

We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.

I love what you said about your friend. I have let certain people go without disliking them. They came into my path to teach me something. Now it is time for me to find people who really care about me as well as me caring about them. We are here for a certain time and what we do with that time is our choice.

At times we may think we are victims when in reality we make choices that affect our lives. I have been down a rough road already and now it’s time to smile and I want people with good energy around me now. I too have acquintances that are fun people for a short time. My path of least resistance has brought me to a better place.


In response to Sue’s post:

  • This is a favorite thread of mine, and wanted to bring it to the front. Invigorating.(: Sue says some refreshing things in the intro post …it’s another re-fresh for the spirit-thread (:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Affirmation Quick Searchaffirmation tags
♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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