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★the value of £1

I have just been reading about this and am going to sign up for it .


It has made me so aware of how often I spend £1,£2 or £3 without thinking about it .

Not so long my food budget was £30 a week for 4 of us but I have a storecupboard with tins of tomatoes/packets of pasta/rice/pulses .

This challenge is to spend £5 a week for everything you eat so you have to either not use of add the cost of cupboard stuff/food given you .

It has already made me think so much ,I am grateful for all we have and do support charities but I think this will give me a small understanding of how it feels – the big difference is I’m choosing to do this .
love flowergirl

In response to flowergirl’s post:

Excellent flowergirl I read an article from a lady who said she would make up menus for the week. This way she didn’t end up buying things that could not make up some kind of meal. I have been doing that but once in a while I buy something that looks very tempting then I go to the computer and look for recipes that may include some of the things I’ve already bought.


Positive affirmation that actually worked for me. It programs your subconcious mind when falling a sleep or getting up.. :)


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