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★Amazing starlings

I like to share with other bmindful people a wonderful photo that was on the front page of the local paper last week. go to: http://www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk/news/galleries/taunton_starlings to see pictures of formations the starlings made and in particular the last picture where they made the shape of a hawk. Incrediable!

enjoy life!

Wow! That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. You know, I actually saw the profile of a woman with long hair on photo 7. Her eye is on the right side of the formation. Her hair is flowing off to the left in kind of a pony tail. I can see a nose, ear, chin… I probably have a hefty imagination, but that is the first thing my brain created when I looked at #7.

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

In response to meditatingmama’s post:
Yes, I see it also. The comment on the picture is: A face in the crowd?

This is amazing, I wished I had seen it in person. Thanks for sharing

…what a wonderful world….

In response to aftab’s post:
I would liked to have seen it in person too! I must admit I never noticed the ladys profile so went back to have a look. I also noticed in one of the pictures they made the shape of a fish.

enjoy life!

Anyone else see the Dove in #10? I have seen this in person while in Mayo in Ireland. It’s amazing how they turn and swoop together. I’ve never seen it here in NJ!

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