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★Listening to Your Dreams

This question is to anyone who would be so kind to respond and share ideas/thoughts/ or experiences.

Do you have night dreams that you believe are a message ? If so do you act upon it and how ?

Dreams are usually a product of the things that you have been thinking about during the day. I have discovered that since I began doing meditation and using affirmations before bedtime that my dreams have started to unfold into a blueprint of the way I want my reality to be.I am using the gift of my dreams to inspire me to live the life that I intend to live. So yes, I believe that my dreams are a message.

I’ve used dream interpretation books before and as some dreams seemed to have meaning more or less foretelling a certain event may take place I never really took action to either bring forth the good or sidestep the foreboding feelings I woke up with.

On a few occasions upon awakening right after dreaming , the dream weighed on me so heavily that I wrote it down in a poem or essay. But still they would leave me to ponder , wait and watch for an event to unfold.

I guess what I’m trying to say is , especially if the dream has become prominent and repetitive then it is time to stop pondering about it and do something about it.

I’m not talking so much about the meaning behind the dream but the message that one is being given and the action taken to know and understand the message and then do.

dreams can be multi-layered, having several different yet important meanings… some times a dream can be a pun on words…. like dreaming of a bear coming after you may mean you are facing some unbearable task that you don’t want to face (that is an example only)…. I personally believe everyone in my dreams is a reflection of myself and all objects or circumstances represent my feelings…. I just need to figure it out, sometimes it is quite obvious, other times it can hours to make sense of it…. in the end, the interpretatation I accept is the one which seems to make the most sense….

when I am dreaming of my very first love, he always represents deep love…. one night I dreamt of him coming to my apartment which was full of archetectural details strewn everywhere…. after analysis it became apparent that I really wanted to remodel my house… which we did and I love the remodel…

when you analyze a nightmare using the above method it often isn’t a nightmare at all…. also you can change the direction of a dream just by asking for a change… sometimes when I have a reaccuing dream, especially if it is about an unfinished task, I tell myself before I go to sleep that the task is finished, then there is no reason for the dream…

dreams are a great subject… dream on…

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