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Discussion★Affirmation with a date or without and why?


I have already posed a question about the GOAL CARD but im still just as confused, and hope by wording my query in this way will enable some answers that i can really understand.

My understanding is that a goal should be written out as an affirmations. So far i get that and then that is what were implanting into the subconsious mind

Napolean hill, earl nightingale and bob proctor all then suggest writing the affirmation of the goal onto a card with an END DATE. As far as i understand it, a date of when we believe the goal will be reached, or when we expect to have attained that goal in a realistic time.

They then say to read this goal all day long, because what we think about we become.

To me this means they want me to read the affirmation during the day.

My understanding of affirmations is that it needs to by-pass the conscious filter, therefore best done during an alpha state / a relaxed state.

Some books say you can say affirmations during the day with emotion and feeling and this does the same thing.

So i guess if that is true then saying the goal affirmation on the card with feeling perhaps will do this.

HOWEVER…what about the date we have placed as part of the affirmation? Some have said that we shouldnt have a date as that tells the subconscious we want the goal then rather than say it is now, in the present tense and thus for it to go work on it.

Also if the correct way is with a date, then shouldnt we also use dates with all affirmations and impress/imbed/reprogram into our subconsious minds during our relaxed/meditation states?

I am very confused, as i dont want to counter my hard work and effort of reaching my goal, by adding a date to it or not reach it by not adding a date or wasting time saying it during the day rather than simply saying it during a relaxed state

hope this all made sense

please advise thank you

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