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★Over indulgence

One reason I have not been around for a while, is because I started to feel as though I was over indulging in myself, too much honey and all that. I don’t think it’s a good thing to be so self absorbed; everything became about me. I was taking egocentricity to new heights and it had to stop.

One of the problems of being INT/FP is that I am already a bit of a natural loner so being self absorbed came quite easily to me. I realize however, that this antisocial behavior like that is bad for me; it’s bad for anyone!

I decided that I’m happiest, working toward an ethical, productive goal, so I set about ignoring all the distractions that usually plague us NT/Fs (golf, saxophone, motorcycle and and and); I flogged the lot, de-cluttered my life as much as I could. I then focused my thoughts and energies on the things I new I was good at and met as many people as possible, who I could talk, argue with and learn from, in some cases, even teach.

Concentrating this way has proved productive, sociable and therefore very ethical. I forget who said it but but basically, all you have to do is get started, and the juice will come….and it does. So that’s it focus, mix and shake. I hope it lasts!

Act positively, in the moment, with one eye on tomorrow. Freerace.

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