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★actually feeling an affirmation .

I posted this on another thread but its so exiting i decided to start a new thread with it .

my thoughts have been tumbling around over a few things

where to move to
when to move
where to look for employment
am i ready for a relationship

my minds like a roller coaster most of them time trying to decide whats best for my family ,but yesterday i had an experience that flashed into my mind ,it was like a tiny peep into the future but not seeing what life was like – i actually felt the happiness,contentment that i was in a good relationship ,had moved into a new home with my partner and all these worries didnt need to be agonised over .

In that second i realised i am trying to do this the hard way ,being too independant ,why not put it in the hands of the universe ,make vision boards and affirm that “i love our home ““im in a lovely relationship with a kind ,funny,caring man “ “my family is healthy and happy “

Did the universe send me that feeling or is it something waking up inside me after years of suppressing my soul feelings .It was a wonderfull experience ,love flowergirl

an hour after i posted this my daughter and i went out to go to the wildlife sanctuary where she does her work experience and we noticed someone had moved the bin ,lifted off one of our gates and looks like they might have been planning on breaking in .Our dogs barked during the night which isnt that unusual as its often noisy outside but this is scary .We have stayed home as i didnt want to leave my son and our pets alone .

Time for a calming cup of tea ,love flowergirl

Hi Flowergirl,

Always so good to see your posts. As for the sanctuary, Keep your imagination focused on seeing it all safe, secure, and sound…and just say Bless everyone to their Highest Good. I’m not saying ‘don’t take action’…but first, it must start in the inner self.

When I am having a little trouble ‘feeling’ an affirmation, I find it easier to say “I intend” …it ‘points’ you in the direction in which you want to go. Sometimes, I think its best not ‘ push too hard’ with certain affirmations. Just baby-step up the emotional ladder…one little bit better thought, one little bit better affirmation will usually work for me.
Sending you love,

hi Betty thank you for your post ,im learning to take baby steps in so many things and it helps build your self confidence doesnt it .

I have felt as though im getting to know myself better after a long struggle with depression,finally learning to be as kind to me as i am to others .

I understand now what people mean when talking about affirmations/vision boards etc and they say to really feel as though its happening .

love flowergirl

I feel this was a gift from the universe ,as though i was actually in my life but at some time in the future and felt that happiness,peace of mind that i know i will find .

hi flowergirl… I agree with Betty that starting an affirmation with “I intend” halps give it more strting power….. glad you and your are ok…
peace and love, K

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