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★Your mood is up to you.

Pep Talk: How are you feeling, darling? Happy, I hope. If you aren’t feeling happy yet, now is the time to change your mind. Why let something awful from the past piss all over your present? This is a brand new moment. Decide to be happy. It’s easier than it sounds.
Today remind yourself: My mood is up to me.

In response to rsarahs’s post:
I love the way you put WHY LET THE PAST PISS ALL OVER YOUR PRESENT it made me laugh. But you`re absolutley right My mood is up to me just like yours is up to you and everyone else`s is up to them.

MY MOOD IS UP TO ME. going to remember that for the rest of the day.

much love Best78

enjoy life!

I think what helps me most of all…even during those really BLACK moods which, thankfully, rarely come around …I always know that “This, too, shakk pass.” …and even though the biggest part of you might not believe it…it DOES pass. Sometimes just ‘letting it go’ (but not feeding it!) brings out the mood change the quickest.

ok…can we say: SHALL pass….???

So true! I’m trying to instill this in my children in hopes that they have a healthy positive life. SO much depends on our attitude and perception of things. Thank you for your words!

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My mood and energy are up to me. 

I claim this today and it is so.


I can remember at my job I was told I care 'too much' ... I'm too kind... etc. It was said in -a 'you're wasting your time and energy -way.

result: I had to detach to serve the way that felt right to me.... I continued  doing those very things that I was told was a waste of time... and ... dismissed the 'times are changing...'  'don't need to be that way'... While it was truly appreciated by those I assisted... there was still this looming criticism from some that I received a paycheck with me about caring... I tried to tell myself-they are a bit younger...they don't get it.... It wasn't good for me to judge them... that energy didn't serve me .

So I just did my thing, surrendered and believed... that people mattered and all were important no matter what!

Now many years later -they have actually made it a 'rule' ... a foundation to connect with others 'in a similar fashion'...that I have...

A rule mind you! To be kind! To share connection. Anyway I needed to 'not listen' to some in my organization... I needed to trust my heart..Trust not only was I doing the best I can, I was exceeding in an area that some didn't recognize as 'needed; and now seen as a must.

I'm grateful I trust my heart. I'm grateful my mood and my energy are up to me



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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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