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★Can't figure out my affirmation! Please help!


Happy new year!

I have just joined this forum. My name is Shilpa. This new year has brought in a lot of thoughts, ideas, and questions, but no path as yet. So, I joined up on this forum.

Thank you, Lee, for setting up this wonderful forum. I’ve read through some of the posts.

There are a few areas that I want to focus on this year:
1. My own mental and physical health.
2. My family’s mental and physical health.
3. Our finances (since I am the primary bread-winner in the family)
4. Our relationships.

I have listed them in the order that I want to fix them :)

Now, my questions:
1. I can’t figure out which affirmation to use. I’ve used a couple, but they don’t ring good.
2. Should I use one affirmation at a time? I read a previous post that said that I can do 2-3 affirmations at one time. If yes, is there a sequence, are there any tips I can follow there?
3. Do I need to write the affirmations down? What is a good time to do that?

I look forward to your inputs.


Welcome Shilpa, My name is Arnold. I have read your post and wonder to myself what is wrong with the things you have listed that you feel you need to “fix”. I came to bmindful in a search by way of the movie the secret. I now consider myself a faithful student of Abraham Hicks. There are many videos on the mighty YouTube regarding virtually any topic. So what I come to understand from your post is that something is wrong with the things on this list, something that needs fixing. What I feel about this is that we feel a need to fix things because they are not pleasing to us. Rather than trying to fix it, because it is this way for a reason, change your thought patterns about it, accept it and focus more on what makes you HAPPY about it. Focus on your feelings about these things and what it is about your list that makes you FEEL good. The rest I assure you will fade away.

As for the affirmations read any one to yourself, to an empty room, out loud, in your head, with a partner, type it, write it, focus on the FEELING that it gives you. Really FEEL the affirmation, it doesn’t matter how you use it or when. But you should believe it.

It gives me wonderful feelings to know that I could help out in any way.
Always remember and read this last part out loud to yourself right now… NOTHING is more important than that I FEEL GOOD.

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